• Administrative Assistant

    Associate in Applied Science Degree , Certification Program

    Available at: East Campus
    Del Mar College uses the Texas Common Application.
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    Program Overview

    These programs provide course work to meet the educational and skill requirements for a variety of office occupations. The Administrative Assistant and the Medical Secretary degrees offer concentrated course work to prepare the student for immediate employment upon graduation. Both degrees have a common list of courses for semesters 1 and 2. Upon completion of this list of courses, the student is awarded a General Office Clerk Certificate.

    Administrative Assistant
    The college-trained administrative assistant has a distinct advantage when entering the business field. With a solid background of business courses and computer skills, the Administrative Assistant graduate has the qualifications to be an integral partner of an effective business or corporate office team and can look forward to career advancement.

    Upon completion of the Associate in Applied Science degree in Administrative Assistant, the graduate will be proficient in typewriting/ keyboarding, office procedures, computer operations, written and oral communications, and office and records management. This degree program meets the core curriculum standards as recommended by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

    Another option for the Administrative Assistant graduate is the achievement of Certified Professional Secretary (GPS) stature. This rating is earned through successful completion of a comprehensive, five-part examination administered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.