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    Computer programmers use their advanced programming knowledge to help create applications and systems software with a range of applications. Simple programs can take a few hours to complete, while more complex projects can take years, completed in teams under the supervision of senior programmers.

    Computer users of all types rely on trained, knowledgeable computer programmers to create the programs that make computers run quickly and efficiently. Programmers can create games, educational software, desktop publishing applications, financial software, and more. The career combines creativity and technical knowledge.

    Programmers use different languages to complete their work and they typically focus on one type of programming. Applications engineers write and revise programs related to specific jobs, while systems programmers focus more on behind-the-scenes aspects of computing, such as operating and database systems.

    Only four percent of computer programmers work part time and the vast majority work typical 40 hour work weeks. Deadlines or technical problems can necessitate longer hours or overtime. Telecommuting is becoming more common, thanks to technology that allows programmers to log in from anywhere.

    Employment of computer programmers, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts, is expected to decline slowly through 2018.
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