• Computer Training

    **There is a requirement of at least a 512 MB flash drive when you sign up for a computer class. The same flash drive can be used for all computer classes**

    We offer computer classes in three different ways:  Campus-Based, Business Applications Program, and Online.

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    Want a regular computer class?  Checkout our schedule by clicking here.

    Learn at your own pace by taking a web based/online computer course. Ed2Go classes start on the second Wednesday of every month. ProTrain courses begin approximately every month. Once registered, students have 24/7 access to their course from any location that has Internet access. Typically, students have six-seven weeks to complete their online courses. Extensions can be granted upon an instructor's approval. Visit us online at www.ed2go.com/delmar to view course times, dates, descriptions, syllabi, and course instructor biographies.
    Registration instructions are as follows:


         1.     Register and pay your tuition at Del Mar College's Center for Economic Development either in person, by
                 phone, or by fax.

         2.     Internet access, email, and the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator Web browser are
                 required to take an online course.

         3.     Determine what type of online course you are taking:

    In order to complete your registration (if you have not already done so), you will need to go into your class through the classroom link and create a user name and password. Using your web browser, go to www.ed2go.com/delmar and click on the word "courses". Find the title of your course by either typing the title into the search box, or by clicking on the links available and finding it by subject. Once you have clicked on your class, look for an "Enroll Now" button. Click on this. On the next page it should have "Sign Up For A Course" across the top and a timeline with a number 1 showing. Select the date you would like to start and click continue. If you have already created an account for on line classes, enter your e-mail address and your password at this point. If you have not previously created an account, click on "click here" beside "Don't Have an Account?" Then follow the instructions on that page. Click "Continue" and this will take you to another page to enter some additional information. Once you have completed this page, click "update". You should now be on step 3. Click on "Already Paid". This will take you to step 4. After you print the page for your records, click where the instructions tell you to for completion of your orientation. Then you may go back into the classroom and access your lessons, providing the class has already started.
    If you have any questions regarding your registration or problems signing on to your class, please call us at 361-698-1328.

         4.     Students have three weeks from the end of class to complete the final exam. Students successfully
                 completing their class will be issued a certificate of proficiency via PC download.

         5.     Important contact information sites concerning your online courses:

    The Web site to access your Orientation and online classroom is as follows: www.ed2go.com/delmar. At this site you may access the Help link to obtain answers to any questions or problems with your online course.
    Please check Web site for advanced courses in each area or for other courses of interest besides examples listed. Most classes are $99.

    Ed2Go Classes 

    • The Internet (Intro, Search Engines, eBay)
    • Web Page Design (Creating Web Pages, Designing Websites)
    • Web Graphics and Multimedia (Creating Graphics, Fireworks MX, Flash MX)
    • Web Programming (Java Programming)
    • Basic Computer Literacy (Keyboarding, Windows, Skills for the Workplace)
    • Computer Applications (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point)
    • Desktop Publishing & Imaging (Photoshop, Printshop, MS Publisher)
    • Computer Troubleshooting & Networking (PC Troubleshooting, Networking)
    • Computer Programming & Database Management (SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic)
    • Certification Prep (A+, Network+, MCSE Prep)
    • Digital Photography & Digital Video
    • Writing Courses (Magazine Writing, Getting Published)
    • Grant Writing & Nonprofit Management
    • Business Administration & Management
    • Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Courses
    • Sales & Marketing (Effective Selling, Business Marketing)
    • Accounting (Fundamentals, QuickBooks)
    • Test Prep
    • Personal & Career Development
    • Personal Finance & Wealth Building
    • Family & Personal Enrichment
    • Child Care & Parenting
    • Courses for Teaching Professionals