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    The Corporate Services (CS) team provides cutting edge corporate training for the Coastal Bend region. Our Return on Investment (ROI)-focused approach enables us to provide real-world skills development that meets individual business needs. With Del Mar College’s resources at our fingertips, CTS can assist you with a vast array of training needs – from high-tech industrial training to high-performance leadership consulting. We have the expertise to meet the demands of your business. Contact us today to schedule a training needs analysis!

    Kiwana Denson
    (361) 698-2411

    Force Protection Training for law enforcement agencies, military and guard firms provide a wide variety of training using scenarios in realistic environments that challenge the student both physically and mentally. Training is conducted at the Regional Police Academy at Del Mar College West.

    Our professional trainers offer years of experience from diverse backgrounds and expertise in small arms and tactical weapons.

    Force Protection Training Courses Offered

    • AR-15 Rifle
    • Patrol Rifle
    • Felony Stops
    • Tactical Pistol
    • Active Shooter
    • Firearms Instructor
    • Defensive Tactics
    • Non-lethal (OC) and Baton
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Building Clearing
    • Use of Force – Basic and Intermediate
    • Security Access Point
    • Customization is available!


    • Open field for using simunitions
    • Traffic stops – routine and felony
    • Rifle/pistol transition
    • Officers firing and moving
    • Moving target – turbo tortoise and cable target system
    • Building clearing
    • Shoot/don’t shoot firearms simulator
    • Enhanced training
    • Night fire
    • Low light
    • Moving targets
    • Decision making
    • Building entry
    • Rappelling
    • Simulator
    • Simunition
    • Defensive tactics
    • Leadership/management

    Program Benefits

    • Modern spaces, facilities, equipment, and professional trainers
    • Reduced agency liability
    • Training structured to agency, not “generic”
    • Agency personnel train together

    For more information, contact:

    Kiwana Denson
    (361) 698-2411