• Health Care Program Course Descriptions

    Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician Program

    What is an EKG (ECG) Technician?
    A basic EKG  traces electrical impulses transmitted by the heart, technicians attach electrodes to the patient’s chest, arms, and legs.  An EKG Technician manipulates switches on an EKG machine to obtain a reading. An EKG is printed out for interpretation by the physician. This test is done before most kinds of surgery or as part of a routine physical examination, especially on persons who have reached middle age or who have a history of cardiovascular problems. EKG technicians must be reliable, have mechanical aptitude, and be able to follow detailed instructions. A pleasant, relaxed manner for putting patients at ease is an asset. They must be articulate as they must communicate technically with physicians and also explain procedures simply to patients.

    Program Track:
    8 weeks

    Required Course: 

    ECRD 1011 Electrocardiography MTWR, 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m., June 14th- Aug 9th 

     **(Classes will meet twice a week; instructor will give advanced notice)

    Course Description:
    ECRD 1011: Electrocardiography
    Fundamentals of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology. Includes basic electrocardiography procedures, interpretation of basic dysrhythmias, and appropriate treatment modalities. Students will be able to describe the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system; perform basic electrocardiography procedures; interpret basic dysrhythmias; and demonstrate appropriate treatments.

    Admission Requirements 

    • Proof of High School Diploma or GED or higher education

    Program Requirements 

    • English reading, writing, speaking proficiency and comprehension