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    Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson

    Texas real estate is managed and overseen by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  This agency sets forth guidelines, policies and procedures for Real Estate in Texas.  To learn about all of the requirements and steps to becoming licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson, please visit the TREC website at:


    Education Requirements

    Del Mar Colleges offers the education contact hours, as outlined by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  All Real Estate Salesperson applicants are required to complete 180 hours of education.  Courses are held on a rotating basis beginning with Principles of Real Estate I. We provide two options for completion:

    Option 1

    Courses are “pay as you go” and registration for each course takes place every two weeks.  

    Classroom meetings are designed to provide an opportunity to have questions answered, network with other students/professionals, and receive additional instruction/material.  Class meetings are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursdays during the course. See full schedule for details.

    All classes must be completed by the end of the term they are being offered.

    Principles of Real Estate I                                  Hybrid                          Cost:  $150 
    Principles of Real Estate II                                 Hybrid                          Cost:  $150  
    Law of Contracts                                                Hybrid                          Cost:  $150  
    Law of Agency                                                    Hybrid                          Cost:  $150  
    Real Estate Finance                                           Hybrid                          Cost:  $150  
    Promulgated Contracts and Forms                    Correspondence         Cost:  $124.50  
    Real Estate Exam Review - *Optional*             In-Class                       Cost:  $75  


    Hybrid - Course that is conducted both online and in the classroom.
    Correspondence - Course that is completed via USPS mail to your home.


    Option 2
    All classes are paid for at the time of registration.  Registration takes place on the first day of every month and students must have the program completed within 3 months of registration.  The option does not provide classroom meeting or instructor support.

    Total Program Cost Due at Registration:  $747
    Principles of Real Estate I                            Online
    Principles of Real Estate II                           Online
    Law of Agency                                              Online
    Law of Contracts                                          Online
    Real Estate Finance                                     Online
    Promulgated Contracts                                Correspondence

    Real Estate Exam Review - *Optional*       Cost:  $75


    Center for Economic Development
    3209 South Staples
    Monday-Thursday ~ 7:30am - 6:30pm
    Friday ~ 7:30am. - 12:30pm


    361- 698-2122
    To ensure that your most current information is received, it is preferred that ALL students register over the phone or in person.



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