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    Unit Clerk/Coordinator Training Program

    What is a Unit Clerk/Coordinator?
    A Unit Clerk/Coordinator has evolved from the early terms of “floor clerk, floor secretary, ward clerk, unit secretary and station coordinator.” Some are more commonly referred to as Health Unit Coordinators. They serve as the vital, clerical portion of a nursing unit. Nursing units can be found in hospitals, long term care facilities or other health care settings. The unit coordinator manages the non-nursing patient care activities at these facilities.

    Working under the supervision of a member of the nursing department, the unit coordinator serves as the nursing unit receptionist - greeting patients, families, visitors, and staff members on the phone or in person. Excellent customer service skills are essential therefore this person must be pleasant, knowledgeable and able to multi-task. They may process forms for admitting, discharging, and transferring patients. They are responsible for relaying vital information to nurses, physicians, and other health care workers and related departments. Duties also include transcribing physicians’ orders by computer or manually, reading charts and charting, preparing and maintaining patient documents, and requisitioning procedures, supplies, and treatments such as drugs, equipment, supplies, laboratory tests, and x-ray exams using paper forms or a computer. The unit coordinator helps assure accurate and timely communication between the nursing unit, physicians, and other departments in the hospital.

    An understanding of medical terminology and pharmacology, nursing and diagnostic procedures, and basic sciences and therapies are vital to the functions of the Unit Clerk/Coordinator. Basic computer and typing/data entry skills are essential for the job as are general office skills such as filing, organizing, scheduling and tracking.

    Although unit coordinators may receive on-the-job training, many employers prefer to hire those who have graduated from formal education programs. The Del Mar College Unit Clerk/Coordinator 128-hour course offers a combination of classroom and clinical training. The hands-on experience is beneficial to the student because it provides them an opportunity to encounter situations in the field that they may not otherwise learn about in the classroom.
    Program Track
    9 weeks

    Required Course Days/Times
    HUWC 1003 Unit Clerk/Coordinator T/W/TH, 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., June 7th - August 4th

    Course Description
    HUWC 1003 Unit Clerk/Coordinator
    Instruction in medical terminology, communication skills, and department procedures and functions. Topics include instruction in medical charts and forms, medical law and ethics, safety/risk management, and physician order transcription for unit clerks in health care facilities. Includes a faculty supervised practicum.

    Admission Requirements 

    • High School Diploma or GED or higher education

    Program Requirements 

    • English reading, writing, speaking proficiency and comprehension

    Required Supplies 

    • Textbook
    • Set of medical scrubs with 2 front pockets
    • Comfortable white closed-toe walking shoes