• Careers and Employment Outlook

    The criminal justice system is divided into three distinct areas; Law Enforcement; the Courts; and Corrections. A degree in Criminal Justice opens many career possibilities within each of these areas.

    There are many law enforcement career opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels.

    Local Careers: Police Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, Constable, City Marshall (Most local law enforcement jobs require completion of a Basic Police Officer Academy.)

    State Careers: Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper, Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agent (Some state law enforcement careers, such as Texas DPS, require a minimum of 90 semester credit hours of college to be eligible to apply.)

    Federal Careers: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, United States Customs and Border Protection, United States Marshall, United States Secret Service, United States Postal Service, (Many federal jobs require a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice to be eligible to apply.)

    Careers: Pre-trial Services Officer, Court Administrator, Court Reporter, Attorney, Judge/Magistrate (Many of these careers require additional education/training beyond the associates degree.)

    Careers: Correctional Treatment Specialist, Correctional Officer, Probation Officer, Parole Officer, Warden, Social Worker (Many of these careers require additional education/training beyond the associates degree.)

    Information concerning these various careers can be found in Wadsworth’s Careers in Criminal Justice 3.0 Interactive CD-ROM, 3rd ed., ISBN-13: 9780534585716

    Further information may also be found at the links listed on the “Resources” page of this website.

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