• After You Register

    Pay Your Bill 
    Tuition and fee charges must be paid at the time of registration, which is not complete until all payments have been made. You will not be sent a bill by mail. If you do not pay, or make satisfactory arrangements to pay, all financial obligations to the College, you may have your registration voided and/or you may be removed from all classes; also course credit, grades, degree or certificate may be withheld. View Payment Methods here.

    Read Your Schedule 
    Log into WebDMC at any time to view your schedule. Click "Academic Profile" from My Bridge, then "Class Schedule". Select the term you wish to view.  Print schedule by using your browser's print option.

    Get your DMC Student ID Card 
    Student identification cards (IDs) are issued free of charge to you when you first register; however, a charge will be made for replacements (We know, you hate the picture). Also, IDs must be validated each subsequent registration period.

    Cards are good for admission to College functions, for obtaining library materials, and for using recreational facilities. You should carry it with you at all times and present it upon request.

    You can get your ID card at the White Library (East Campus) or the Barth Learning Resources Center (West Campus) by showing proof of registration. Identification cards are made during all library hours except the first and last 30 minutes of operation.

    Get Your Parking Permits
    To park your car on campus, you need a Vehicle Identification Permit (VIP). To get a VIP, fill out a parking registration card and submit it to Campus Security. They, in turn, will issue you a VIP. Campus Security is located at the Maintenance Building at Naples Street and Kosar Street, East Campus. 

    Changing Your Schedule: Change, Drop, Canceled & Withdraw 

    SCHEDULE CHANGES: Students can make schedule changes any time during registration. Be sure to keep a copy of your tuition receipt.

    DROPPING A CLASS: Check the Academic calendar for deadlines to drop classes. Be aware of the "3-Peat" rule - should you drop a class and attempt it later for the third time, (3-Peat) you will be charged a 3-Peat fee of $50 per credit hour.

    CANCELLED CLASSES: Students with canceled classes need to come to the Office of Admissions and Registrar on the East or West Campus for assistance.

    Consequences Of Withdrawing/Dropping
    It is important that you consider very carefully the consequences of withdrawing/dropping all of your classes at Del Mar College; this can adversely impact your financial aid. See Refund Schedule.

  • Contact Information

    Student Enrollment Center
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1290
    1 (800) 652-3357

    West Campus - Coleman Center - (361) 698-1741