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  • The Viking Story

    The myth. The legend. The Viking.

    Several hundred years ago, I was frozen in a block of ice along the Arctic Circle on a Viking longship. Global warming recently set me free.Delmar Viking final color 

    You see … I had a big family that I left behind when first setting sail for adventure.

    I had always been curious and wanted to learn new things … meet new people.

    My journey to see the world was a big step because I was the first in my family to embark on a journey to different oceans and ports around the world.

    But, then I got too curious …I sailed far north past my homeland and got stuck in a tragic storm. I was frozen in ice for a very long time.

    As centuries passed, I had time to think about where I would go if I ever thawed out.

    Someplace warm, I thought. Someplace where I could still learn. Somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico. 

    And then I heard a crack, and the ice began to melt. 

    Currents took me south past Greenland and into Iceberg Alley. My ship continued sailing farther south along the North American eastern seaboard.

    As I started getting a little warmer, that’s when the idea struck me. “I’m sailing to Corpus Christi,” I thought. 

    My family is long gone now, so I decided to find a new family and live where I can learn new things about history, the fine arts, technology, science … all the advances among humankind that I've missed over the past several hundred years.

    My journey has taken me awhile, but I've finally reached the end of my long sail.

    I'm home. I've found my new family. I've landed at Del Mar College. 


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