• Career and Employment Outlook

    Digital Media Specialists use images, graphics, sound, animation, HTML, scripting and authoring languages to create and complete their work. Web Designers design and create Web pages with images, texts, and links to create an attractive and appealing layout. Digital Media programmers use scripting languages such as ActionScript and JavaScript to incorporate interactivity and animations in Web Delivery.

    According to the Texas Workforce Commission, Labor Market and Career Information Department. Careers in Digital Media are one of the Top 25 fastest growing occupations in Texas.

    • Animator
    • Computer Software Developer
    • Programmer for Web and Electronic Delivery
    • Web Designer
    • Video Producer
    The National Association of Colleges and Employer's Winter 2010 Salary Survey:
    • Computer Software Developer - $61,205
    • Information Sciences & Systems - $54, 038
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