• Books/Equipment/Supplies Required


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    Clinical Rotations 

    In order to facilitate scheduling of students in clinical rotations and to track their progress in the rotation, students are required to purchase a FISDAP Skills Tracker and Scheduler account.Students who are only taking the EMT-Basic course and do not plan to pursue further advanced level training (e.g. Intermediate or Paramedic) may purchase the BLS student Tracker/Scheduler account for $30.00.

    Students who plan to pursue Intermediate or Paramedic certification should purchase the ALS student Tracker/Scheduler account for $80.00.

    Equipment & Supplies

    Students admitted into the Program will need the following equipment:

    Clinical Uniform: Approx. Cost
    Classroom shirt (x2)
    EMS Professions clinical shirt (x2)
    Dark blue or black pants
    Black shoes or boots
    Blood pressure cuff
    Analog watch (with second hand)
    Bandage shears
    Safety goggles

    More information on uniforms and equipment can be found in the Clinical Rotations handouts.

    Certification Fees
    At publication, fees associated with certification were:

    FAST 1 criminal background check (Required by the Texas Department of State Health Services) $45.00 (approx.)
    Texas Department of State Health Services certification fee $64.00
    National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians testing fee $70.00

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