• Admissions Requirements

    To be admitted into the Dental Hygiene Program, applicants must complete an application for admission to Del Mar College, including official high school or GED transcripts and college transcripts. Check with the registrar's office for a complete list of admission requirements.

    In addition, applicants must provide the following information to the Dental Program office before March 1 of the year admission is desired:

    1. Completed Dental Hygiene Program Application.
    2. Official copies of college transcripts.
    3. Placement Test scores.
    4. Three recommendation forms for inclusion in your file.
    5. Current fall semester grades.

    Applicants must have a 2.0 or better overall GPA in college courses and they must be eligible to submit an application to take the Dental Hygiene National Board Examination, Western Regional Board Exam , and to submit an application for licensure by the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

    Dental Hygiene Program Application
    Application Guidelines
    Recommendation Forms (Three Required) 
    Policy for Dental Hygiene Applicants
    Application Checklist 

    Estimated Costs

    The general education and science courses in the curriculum should be completed prior to admission to the program. All science courses must have been taken within a five-year period prior to enrollment in the Dental Hygiene Program.  

    Del Mar College Dental Hygiene Program Bloodborne Pathogens Policy - Important - Please Read 

    All requirements must be in the Dental Department Office by March 1 for admission in fall of the same year.

    You may mail your submittals to:

    Dental Hygiene Program
    Del Mar College-West Campus
    David G. Arreguin, D.D.S.- Director
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404

    Selection Process

    The admission checklist criteria are in the dental hygiene program brochure. This criteria are weighted to arrive at a score for each applicant.

    The selection committee meets in May to discuss all applicants. The selection committee consists of the program director, department faculty, and advisory committee members.

    The committee selects the 24 highest scoring as primary candidates and the others are alternates ranked also by their highest scores. If a primary candidate withdraws his/her application the vacancy is filled by an alternate with the highest score on the alternate list. This process continues until the class of 24 is present on registration day.

    All applicants are notified by letter of the selection committee's decisions. Applicants not selected are advised to contact the Counseling and Testing Department or Dental Hygiene Program Director (Dr. David G. Arreguin) for advice concerning their academic goals.



  • Contact Information

    Dental and Imaging Technology
    101 Baldwin Blvd.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404