• Student Employment

    Del Mar College offers students an opportunity to earn valuable work experience while earning funds to help finance their higher education goals.  The Financial Aid Services Office works with all DMC departments, disciplines and student services as well as the community to create part-time employment opportunities for students.  We administer the Federal Work Study program, Texas Work Study and Student Assistant program. 

    What are the benefits of Student Employment? 

    • Students can work up to 15 hours per week.
    • Students are paid at the federal minimum wage $7.25.
    • Students are paid every two weeks.
    • Student Employment earnings are directly deposited to your personal checking/savings account or your DMC Higher One Debit Card.
    • Work hours are flexible and planned around your class schedule.
    • Students can establish excellent references.
    • Student Employment is great for your career experience.

    Work-Study Programs

    Del Mar College offers two need-based work study programs, Federal Work Study (FWS) and Texas Work Study (TXWS). The work study program(s) allows a student to work on campus while enrolled at Del Mar College. Work Study is part of the students’ financial aid award. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six semester credit hours per semester to participate in the work study program and meet the Satisfactory Academic Program requirements.

    How do I apply?

    You must complete your FAFSA and indicate on your interest in the work study program. Once the Financial Aid Office complete the awarding process and if you are awarded FWS or TXWS funds, the Student Employment Office will notify you via WebDMC email with instructions.

    Who is Eligible?

    The Federal Work Study and Texas Work Study Programs provide jobs to students who demonstrate the highest financial need. A student must be enrolled in at least six semester hours per semester and meet DMC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. The Texas Work Study program is only offered to students attending the regular fall/spring terms and students must be Texas residents.

    Student Assistant Program

    The Student Assistant (SA) Program is a part-time employment program for Del Mar College students.  Students do not have to show financial need to work under this program.  The part-time jobs are available in the various departments on campus. 

    How do I apply?

    You can click on DMC Job Bank link to access job postings.  You will refer to any positions with fund type DMC Student Assistant.  You can contact these departments directly concerning available job openings.  If you are hired you will begin the Student Employment Process as outlined by your supervisor.

    Who is Eligible?

    Any currently enrolled student of Del Mar College attempting at least 6 credit hours during a semester. 

    Student Employee Handbook

  • Did You Know?

    Serving Hispanic Students
    According to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, Del Mar College consistently ranks among the top fifty community colleges in the nation granting Associate degrees to Hispanic students.