• Careers and Employment Outlook

    If you major in history, then your academic skills will be well suited to the careers described on the following website:
    Careers for History Majors – a mini-guide from the American Historical Association”

    These major categories from “Careers for History Majors” represent the types of organizations where history students often work. Click on the example for each category to see a nearby business or organization that posts jobs requiring historical skills.

    Historians as Educators
    (Example: Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History)
    Elementary Schools
    Secondary Schools
    Postsecondary Education
    Historic Sites and Museums

    Historians as Researchers
    (Example: UT-San Antonio Institute of Texan Cultures)
    Museums and Historical Organizations
    Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
    Think Tanks

    Historians as Communicators
    (Example: Corpus Christi Public Library Special Collections and Archives)
    Writers and Editors
    Documentary Editors
    Producers of Multimedia Material
    Historians As Information Managers
    Records Managers
    Information Managers

    Historians As Advocates
    (Example: Human Resources Office of the Texas Senate)
    Lawyers and Paralegals
    Litigation Support
    Legislative Staff Work

    Historians in Businesses and Associations
    (Example: Flint Hill Resources careers site)
    Historians in Corporations
    Contract Historians
    Historians and Nonprofit Associations


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