• Internet

    Information Technology provides administrative/technical support, web publishing resources and support. The Web Advisory Committee works to enhance, update and review the Del Mar College Website.

    Help is available to those interested in creating web pages or updating them. The Internet team offers assistance with DMC templates and also technical assistance for your pages.

    The Internet team also maintains the mailing lists for the college, and the creation of new emails accounts for faculty and staff. This includes the maintenance and support of the portal for students, faculty, and staff. The portal is the only location that the students are able to access their WebDMC email account.

    The Internet team also supports the college's online course management system. This includes meeting with faculty for project planning, importing test banks, recording video and audio lectures, organizing, updating, recreating, and suggesting changes to existing online courses. Assist faculty and students with online course technical issues. Record and manage Media site video presentations, which can be implemented in online courses. Coordinate and schedule video conference classes. Maintain the online course management system servers.

    Helpful Links
    Web Mail (for faculty & staff) 
    Student Email