• Gloria_Montalvo Name: Dr. Gloria Montalvo

    Title: Adjunct Counselor

    What I do:  I talk to students about their future. I assist them in making informed decisions about their college plans which will influence the rest of their lives. I stress that it is their college experiences and that they are totally responsible for their success or failure.

    Contact Information:   Phone – 361-698-1929, email—gmontalvo@delmar.edu 

    Assigned Schools:  South Texas, foreign countries, other states are all represented in the student population that passes through my office.

    Profile Information  

    Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas

    Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned: Del Mar College, University of Houston –BA, Texas A&I at Corpus Christi (now Texas A&M-CC)—MS, Texas A&M—ED

    Hobbies:  Sewing, Crocheting, Shopping (more of handicap), Crafting

    Tip on going to college:  Students who are sure that they can achieve; generally succeed faster.

    Del Mar College Fun Fact: Del Mar College once had a football team.  During its last session,  it went to the Junior Rose Bowl in California.