• DMC Foundation Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I apply for a scholarship?
    Scholarship information, instructions, and access to the online application are available on the Del Mar College Scholarships web page. Click here to go to the main DMC Foundation Scholarships web page.

    Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement?
    Yes, minimum GPA to apply is 2.0. However, all scholarships have criteria that were set up by the benefactor detailing what is required by a student in order to be awarded the scholarship. Each scholarship has different criteria, but when applying, the student is applying for all scholarships with the one application. The student is eligible for all scholarships that their particular GPA, major, etc. fits.

    Q: Should I apply for specific awards?
    No, by completing one scholarship application, a student is applying for most Foundation scholarships. Only a few scholarships require special applications, and these are posted on the main scholarship web page when they become available.

    Q: Do you adhere firmly to the online application deadline?
    Yes, due to funding and time limitations and the work that must be done with each application, the application deadline is firm.

    Q: I received a scholarship, but I have not received a check yet. What should I do?
    Scholarship awards are generally applied to charges for tuition and fees directly through the financial aid office. Any remaining balances left owed are the responsibility of the student. Any credit balances will be paid out through the cashier's office to the student's Optional BankMobile Vibe Account. Students will need to check with the financial aid office to see if any payments are still due following their scholarship award.

    Q: Do you offer freshman scholarships?
    Freshman students are eligible to apply for and receive scholarships.

    Q: Do I have to be a full-time student to receive scholarships?
    No. Most scholarships are available for both full and part-time students. If you have received a scholarship award, your notification will indicate whether you need to be full-time or part-time.

    Q: Can I apply for a scholarship before getting admitted?
    Yes. Potential, new, and current students must apply for DMC Scholarships between January 14th and April 30th of each year. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships as early as possible, even prior to admission.

    Q: Can scholarships be deferred?
    No. If you are awarded a scholarship to attend Del Mar College but will not be able to attend during Fall Semester of the award period, you are required to contact the Foundation Office prior to the beginning of the term. Awards must begin at the start of their specified time periods. However, if you are registered for Fall Semester, but are not able to (or not planning to) attend the following Spring Semester, you can still accept and receive your Fall Semester award.

    Q: I received a Del Mar College Foundation scholarship award letter in my email, but I do not meet the criteria described in the award letter. Can I keep the scholarship?
    No. Students must meet a scholarship’s criteria to receive that award.

    Q: I received a Del Mar College Foundation scholarship award letter in my email. How does the scholarship get applied to my account? Do I need to do anything?
    Students must print the entire award letter, sign it, attach a copy of their class schedule, complete the required questionnaire using the hyperlink in the award letter, and submit all of these to the DMC Foundation office in one of the specified ways by the deadline printed in the award letter. What happens next? After your GPA, specific scholarship criteria, and schedule hours are verified, the Foundation Office notifies the Financial Aid Office of your award. A few days before the first tuition deadline, the Financial Aid Office enters your award to your student account on a “Hold” status. It will be applied to your tuition balance if you have one. NOTE: You do not have to accept any Foundation awards in WebDMC. Foundation awards are automatically accepted. However, if you are awarded after the first tuition deadline, follow all of the steps outlined above to accept the award and be aware that you will have to re-register for your classes if you are dropped from them before the award can be applied to your account.

    Q: I’m a Dual Credit student. Is there a Del Mar College Foundation scholarship that can help me pay for my college courses?
    Yes. Dual credit students may apply for DMC Scholarships between January 15th and April 30th of each year. Any scholarships that are awarded will be for the following school year. If a dual credit student misses this window of opportunity, he or she may apply for a Student Emergency Scholarship like any other Del Mar College student. Please be aware that it takes 5 to 7 days for the Scholarships team to review the application package and determine eligibility. Not all students who apply are eligible. As well, please remember that the Student Emergency Scholarship may be awarded to a student one time only.

    Q: I was awarded a scholarship by an outside funding source (my church, a service organization, my high school, etc.). How do I get the money into my Del Mar College student account?
    If your funding source wants to mail the check to the Del Mar College Foundation, please specify the following address: Del Mar College Foundation, 101 Baldwin Boulevard, Corpus Christi, TX 78404. Make sure they include your full name PLUS either your DMC Student ID OR the last four digits of your Social Security Number (otherwise your use of these funds will be delayed as we research who the funds were intended to help). If you have the check in hand, bring it to the Del Mar College Foundation Office. All checks from outside funding sources will be deposited and the Financial Aid Office will be notified of your award. The Financial Aid Office will then apply your award to your student account according to their disbursement schedule. NOTE: You do not have to accept any Foundation awards in WebDMC. Awards applied through the Del Mar College Foundation are automatically accepted.

    Q: I know that I must apply for Del Mar College Foundation scholarships from mid-January through the last day of April for the following school year, but when and how do I hear whether or not I will get a scholarship?
    Students get notified starting in mid-July through the end of August (dates vary from year to year) from the email address they provide on their Scholarships Application. Students have to check their “junk” and “spam” folders in their email accounts, as well. “Re-awarding” of scholarships that are not accepted by the students to whom they were first offered happens in the early to middle part of September (dates may vary from year to year). Students should continue to check their email; however, there is no guarantee that all students who apply will receive a Scholarships award.

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    Serving Hispanic Students
    According to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, Del Mar College consistently ranks among the top fifty community colleges in the nation granting Associate degrees to Hispanic students.