• Careers and Employment Outlook

    Physics is concerned with observing and understanding the natural universe. Physicists study matter and energy and the way in which the two interact. However, studying the subject will help you gain skills useful to many employers, not just in the science sector. You will be highly proficient at problem solving and have demonstrated your ability to solve challenges by thinking creatively.

    First year physics is a requirement for many professional programs.  You may take physics as a prerequisite for life-science professions such as medicine, pharmacy, or physical therapy, or taking physics or astronomy as a subsidiary subject to broaden your degree. 

    There are also many other career opportunities in which physics is a major requirement: all basic sciences , engineering, architecture, computer-related programs, medical physicist, research scientist, scientific laboratory technician, radiation protection adviser, the armed forces and defense industry, environmental studies, technicians, and science educators.

    You may also decide to consider physics as your major. Physics majors can pursue a wide range of careers. A survey done by the U.S. Department of Labor found that a physics degree was an excellent preparation for many careers not necessarily associated with physics (e.g. law, business, medicine). Employers value the technical and problem-solving skills that students acquire in the course of their physics studies. Students receiving an AS degree in physics from Del Mar can transfer to any college or university to pursue their Bachelors degree in physics or engineering.

    What you can do with a Bachelors degree in Physics: 

    • Teaching - high school and elementary.
    • Laboratory Technician - in government or industry.
    • A range of technical jobs - radiation monitoring, electrical power plant operator, scientific instrument operator 
    • Meteorology (the study of weather) - proceed to Diploma program or graduate study
    • Computer programming in industry (e.g. aircraft design) 
    • Salesperson for technical instruments 
    • Self-employment - electronics/computer development, contracting for installation of acoustic insulation. 
    • Government research organizations
    • The armed forces and defense industry
    • Continue to Law degree - e.g. industrial patents.
    • Proceed to Master's Degree in physics
    • Proceed to Master's Degree in Engineering (electrical, electronic, mechanical, civil, oil and gas, industrial or aerospace), Environmental Science, or Architecture.
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