• Professional Electronics - Avionics Electronics Technology Specialty

    Associate in Applied Science Degree , Certification Program

    Available at: West Campus
    Del Mar College uses the Texas Common Application.
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    Program Overview

    Maintaining a plane’s electronic flight instruments is the job of avionics technicians. Avionic technicians repair and maintain a plane’s electronics systems, such as radio communications, radar systems, and flight instruments. As the use of automated technology increases, more time is spent maintaining a plane’s computer systems. Technicians are often needed to analyze and solve complex electronic problems.

    Avionics Technicians typically do the following:
    Test electronic instruments, using circuit testers, oscilloscopes, and voltmeters.
    Interpret flight test data to diagnose malfunctions and performance problems.
    Assemble components, such as electrical controls and junction boxes.
    Install instrument panels, using hand tools, power tools, and soldering irons.
    Repair or replace malfunctioning components.
    Keep records of maintenance and repair work.