• Update (Feb 1) from Interim VPI


    Good Morning! I can't believe that it is already February!!

    I know that this has been a difficult week for faculty - particularly since there has been some negative press. If we listed all of the accomplishments and qualifications of our faculty, I know that we would have enough pages for a book. Just this week I had the opportunity to engage in dialogue and meet with five Del Mar faculty members - all who are committed to teaching and learning and all who have outstanding credentials.

    I think we need to move forward and focus on the positive and getting the good word out about the majority of faculty who are working hard, focusing on teaching and learning, and producing students/graduates who can compete with their peers at baccalaureate institutions or in the work force. I will be meeting with College Relations today and will discuss how we can start highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of the faculty.

    As you know, an Interim President will be announced at today's Board of Reagents at 4:00 pm. Also, the Interim VP of Finance and Administration, Steve Meregrian, will arrive on Monday. I am sure the Interim President and VPs will meet for our Monday morning meeting to start charting our course as a team. When we meet, each VP forwards topics of discussion, issues and concerns, budget discussions, and other matters pertaining to leadership and management of the College. I will ask that we discuss how we are going to start developing a task force to address the development of a College Shared Governance model. I will keep you posted on this.

    I have received the final reports of the ad hoc committees on evaluation, promotion and tenure, and post-tenure review. I plan to merge them into one document and then pull together a faculty team who can start fine tuning the document and preparing it for further faculty review and evaluation. My goal is to have faculty consensus on the document before it is forwarded for final review and approval.

    If you run into me on campus or off campus (even if it is at HEB when I am grazing for samples - as one faculty member caught me doing last Sunday) - feel free to introduce yourself. It is an opportunity for me the faculty.

    I hope you have a good weekend!! I plan to attend the Del Mar Music Department performance on Saturday. Hope to see some of you there.


    Ms. Marjorie J. Villani
    Interim Vice President for Instruction
    Del Mar College
    101 Baldwin Blvd; Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1205

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