• Update (Feb 25) from Interim VPI


    I hope that you all had a good weekend. It was nice to have some sunny weather!!

    I have been busy addressing several issues/tasks/projects during the past two weeks.

    Promotion and Tenure Files: I have completed my review of all of the promotion and promotion/tenure files that have been submitted. I am writing my recommendations and will forward them to the Acting President before the March 7, 2008 deadline.

    Transfer Leadership Meeting: Dean Lopez has been working with me to develop a Transfer Leadership Meeting where VPs, Deans, and Chairs will get together to begin discussing the transfer portion of our College mission. We will have what I call “in-house discussions” this Friday to identify our strengths and the areas that need to be developed, enhanced, or changed. I want to make sure that we have a solid infrastructure for providing programs, services, and curriculum options for students who are preparing to transfer. I hope that we can also start to increase our transfer rates.

    Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations: In an earlier update to the faculty, I indicated that I was going to post some information related to the ad hoc committee recommendations for evaluation/promotion and tenure/post-tenure review. I merged the documents into one document (turned out to be 66 pages), read the document, and tried to determine if the process was flowing (since we the sections were put together by separate groups). Although the evaluation committee did a good job of making evaluation recommendations. I found that the document/process needs to be strengthened and refined at the front end (evaluation) before we can move forward. I met with the Deans and Chairs, and we all agree that it is important to develop a solid job description and a solid evaluation form before we move on to the next areas of promotion and tenure and post-tenure review. They also agree that the criteria for evaluation should place a strong focus and weight on the faculty member’s effectiveness in the area of teaching and learning. Therefore, I am going to ask a committee of three chairs and some faculty members (from Faculty Council) to start refining the job description and evaluation form. Then, we can refine the criteria for promotion and tenure as well as post-tenure review.

    Rumor Mill: There was a rumor floating around regarding the selection of a Chair. The rumor was that we were going to move towards hiring a non-faculty Chair. I appreciate the faculty member who called to clarify. My response was that we would select Chairs among the faculty ranks.

    Presidential Search: The search firm will be on campus this week to begin identifying the criteria for the selection of president. I hope that you completed the on-line survey/input form that asked questions that will help the firm establish criteria. Your faculty representatives on the search and screen committee are: Laura Day (East Campus), Raquel Tapia (West Campus), Lenora Keys (Chair).

    SACS QEP: I met with the SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) committee to discuss the proposed topics. We made some progress in discussion and should be refining a topic within the next month. We are on schedule (with a little flex time) in selecting our topic. Once we select the topic, we need to select the QEP Director.

    I hope that you have a good week! I will send updates as information emerges.


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