• Update (Feb 8) from Interim VPI


    Good Morning!! I am looking forward to this nice warm day in Corpus Christi! Here are some update items for faculty:

    First of all, two faculty members, Lenora Keas and David Abarca, had their articles published in the opinion section of The Caller Times. They did a good job of highlighting the good work and strength of the faculty at Del Mar College. Thanks Lenora and David.

    I will be announcing a Task Force/Steering Committee to oversee the process for developing a shared governance model. The Task Force/Committee will not develop the model - but will oversee the development of the model. The development will take place within the three divisions (instruction, administration and finance, student development). I still have to work out some details, so all DMC employees should hear something final in the next few work days.

    In my weekly communications with Deans, Chairs, and faculty, I have heard some concerns and would like to address them:

    I have heard that some faculty are concerned about the faculty credential deadline that is coming up and concerned about what is being done with the review of faculty credentials. I am working with Darlene Roberts and the Deans to go through all of the files of faculty who have an action plan or who have to put an action plan together. The Deans are updating the information for faculty who needed action plans. A final report will be completed within the next two weeks, and we will be communicating with faculty members who still have to get action plans completed and/or developed. Bottom line: it is a priority for me during the next two weeks.

    I have heard that there is a concern that we are embarking on a process that is outside of the policy reviewing guidelines. I want to clarify that what we are planning to do is not a policy review process, but rather a process of developing the policy and then presenting it for input through the normal policy review process. I have consulted with some faculty leaders and individual faculty regarding the development of a team of faculty who can start reviewing what faculty colleagues have developed (ad hoc committees) and to continue refining the document BEFORE it is sent through the policy review process. Because this document affects only those individuals who have faculty status/rank at DMC, I believe that it should continue to be developed by faculty before it is sent out though the review process. I will announce a team of faculty in the next few working days.

    There is a concern about the number of faculty who are being hired on a TERM basis. I am going through a process of reviewing the status of all faculty, how long faculty have been on term, and evaluating whether or not we need to convert those positions to tenure track. I can’t make any promises….but I am looking at it carefully.

    I have been asked to make sure that policies are reviewed and followed when addressing an area that is governed by a policy, and I will make this strong effort. As I told the input group – sometimes a person doesn’t know that a policy even exists or missed it when reading the policy manual – so I am open to gentle reminders that the policy was overlooked.

    Finally, I thought I should let all of you know that Acting President Joe Alaniz will continue to meet with the Vice Presidents on a weekly basis. This is a good way for us to bring issues and other discussions to the VP and President’s level and to make some timely decisions.

    I hope that you have a good weekend. I will see some of you at the Faculty Council Meeting today.


    Ms. Marjorie J. Villani
    Interim Vice President for Instruction
    Del Mar College
    101 Baldwin Blvd; Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1205

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