• Update (May 2) from Interim VPI

    Good Morning Faculty

    It is hard to believe that we are ending our semester. Also, I am approaching my 6-month anniversary here at Del Mar College. It seems like yesterday that I drove into Corpus Christi to start the position of Interim VP of Instruction. Although there are many issues and concerns at hand, I have enjoyed the challenges and also the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Del Mar College. Thank you for your support.

    Here are some updates:

    The Department Chairs are assisting with developing a faculty job description and also making sure that we have clearly identified the expectations for all faculty. This will be finalized this summer so that you will have it available to you in August.

    It is important that we develop an official Del Mar College Faculty Handbook that provides faculty with information that will identify policies and procedures related to faculty and critical information related to job expectations. As this is developed, we will be able to incorporate the guidelines and procedures for evaluation, promotion, and tenure. This is also a summer project that will extend into fall.

    Accreditation: You will be hearing more about the Quality Enhancement Plan and the process for assuring that we are meeting the compliance guidelines for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation review. We are working with committees to establish the framework for preparing for our FALL 2010 SACS review.

    Faculty Positions: As you may already know, I have asked the Deans and Department Chairs to use a TERM position to fill those positions that are truly temporary and what I consider “term limited” in my mind. Therefore, new faculty positions are being placed in either an Academic Fellow or a Tenure-Track Status. We have quite a few positions posted due to retirements and conversion to tenure track. We will work as fast as possible to fill the positions.

    Budget: A Budget Committee will meet next week, and we will begin discussions regarding next year’s budget. I know that your big question is “What type of raise will faculty receive?” I don’t have an answer now – but will keep you posted.

    Faculty Council: I have shared with several groups my concern related to need to develop a robust and strong Faculty Council that works with the Instructional leadership to address the critical issues related to faculty and teaching and learning. Therefore, I plan to work with a group of individuals this summer to evaluate the structure of faculty council and to see how we can engage more faculty members and strengthen Faculty Council.

    There are numerous issues and programs that we are addressing for the Division of Instruction. I have tried to highlight a few. I hope that these updates have helped.

    Whether or not you teach this summer, I urge you to enjoy the summer months and to take the time to re-energize and enjoy some leisure time.

    See you all at Graduation next week!

    Ms. Marjorie J. Villani
    Interim Vice President of Instruction
    Del Mar College
    101 Baldwin Blvd; Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1205

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