• Shared Governance Update (Apr 4) from Interim VPI

    Shared Governance Update
    Comments from Interim Vice President of Instruction, Ms. Marjorie Villani
    Del Mar College
    April 4, 2008

    The Del Mar College Board of Regents adopted a shared governance statement in late January 2008. There is now a need to evaluate the existing governance structures and to create a strong shared governance model for Del Mar College. Therefore, a Shared Governance Task Force will be convened this month and will be given the charge to develop a Del Mar College Shared Governance Model. The work of the Task Force should embrace and foster open dialogue, collegiality, and mutual respect and also focus on the mission of Del Mar College. The Task Force will be asked to prepare a final document for presentation to the campus community at the start of fall 2008 semester. It will be provided to the new President for review and consideration prior to adoption.

    The Task Force will be charged with developing and recommending a shared governance model that identifies core values for shared governance. The model must provide an organized infrastructure that facilitates communication and dissemination of information, allows for the emergence of issues and concerns from all levels of the College, seeks input from the appropriate constituents, and facilitates decision-making.

    Open communication is a strong cornerstone for the work of the task force, and it is important for continued and effective shared governance. It may occur within a defined structure or in some cases, through more informal settings or discussions.

    It will be important for the task force to keep the College’s highest priorities** - teaching and learning - at the forefront of all discussion and recommendations. Also, the model must assure faculty have primary responsibility for such fundamental areas as curriculum, subject matter, methods of instruction, and other matters directly related to teaching and learning.

    The work of the task force will include evaluating the existing structure and processes, seeking input from appropriate constituencies, and engaging in research of literature and existing models. This research will help the committee to identify some common expectations of appropriate and functioning shared governance models.

    A strong and operational shared governance model is one indicator of success and quality in an institution of higher education. Success in implementing and embracing the concepts, values, and ideals of a shared governance model will strengthen the College and will help us focus on our mission of teaching and learning.

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