• Shared Governance Update (Apr 4) from Interim VPI

    Shared Governance Update
    Comments from Interim Vice President of Instruction, Ms. Marjorie Villani
    Del Mar College
    May 2, 2008

    I am writing to update you on the progress of developing a shared governance model for Del Mar College,

    With review and approval from Acting President Alaniz, we are moving forward with establishing a Shared Governance Task Force. It is important to recognize that the members of the task force are not serving as representatives of groups. Rather, they are part of a core working team that will

    1. consider and evaluate the current arrangement of governance and management,
    2. examine and research theories and best thinking about modern academic governance,
    3. engage in dialogue and seek input from campus individuals and groups, and
    4. present findings in a written document. Their work should be accomplished by early fall of 2008.

    I have met with the chairs of the Exempt and Non-Exempt Committees and the Faculty Council to explain the process. Each has made a commitment to the tasks at hand and to ensure this process is successful. I will provide administrative oversight of the process and also continue to meet with individuals and groups to identify – from an administrative perspective – the issues and concerns related to shared governance. I will also work closely with the President and Vice Presidents to insure that the process is inclusive and comprehensive.

    In order to move this forward in a timely manner, I have selected Professor John Crisp to chair the task force and to oversee the writing of the findings and recommendations. Mr. Crisp will be assisted by the following faculty and staff: David Arreguin, Leticia Clark, Homer Garza, Tamatha Jackson, Doug Jordan, Lenora Keas, and Mary Ann Williams. Each member of the task force is being asked to contribute their talent and/or perspective – as well as their commitment – to developing an open, transparent review process that ensures that all viewpoints and perspectives are heard. I have stressed the importance of research, open communication, and dissemination of information.

    The President and I request that you lend your support to the process and to the individuals who will work on the activities. We both make a commitment to provide you with updates and information.

    Ms. Marjorie J. Villani
    Interim Vice President of Instruction
    Del Mar College
    101 Baldwin Blvd; Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1205

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