• Getting Started  

    Prior to Enrollment 

    Prior to enrollment, if you are planning to attend with the aid of veteran benefits, you should inquire with the Veteran Services Office concerning trhe necessary information that will be required relative to the certification of your enrollment  to the Veterans Administration.  You will be required to furnish the Veterans Services office with an original or certified copy of your DD214.  You may also be asked to furnish certified copies of marriage certificates, divorce certificates and dependents’ birth certificates, if applicable.

    Upon Enrollment 

    Prior to certification of your initial semester, you must provide an approved, signed degree plan to Veterans Services. Degree plans are available through the Counseling and Advising Center or through departmental advisors. Be sure to have copies of all previous transcripts for initial counseling sessions.

    You do not have the option of having prior credit reviewed. All previous education and training must be provided to the school for review. This includes all credits from postsecondary institutions and military credits. 

    Getting your Military Experience Transcribed into College Credit 

    If you would like to get your military experienced transcribed into Texas College Credits as part of the College Credit for Heroes program, apply at the link below.  Your Official transcript will be sent to Del Mar College for program evaluation similar to any other college transcripts you may have.

     /assets/0/131/133/763/575e60f4-5a45-4ebc-b89b-29f544194570.jpg https://www.collegecreditforheroes.org/ 

    Close of First Semester 

    At the close of the first semester or upon the successful completion of 12 semester hours, you should have military credit and any transfer credits from prior education evaluated and furnish Veterans Services with a copy of the updated degree plan.

    Each Semester 

    Each semester, you must advise Veterans Services of courses in which you are enrolled. Courses at Del Mar College are approved for veterans’ training. It is your responsibility to inform Veterans Services of any changes in enrollment status.

    Veterans Semester Hour Classification 

    The Veterans Administration uses the semester hour classification scale below to determine your payment. The number of semester hours enrolled at this college is reported to the Veterans Administration. This classification scale is used only for the fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions are calculated differently. To ensure classification, contact Veterans Services.

    Spring and Fall Semester Hours Classification  

    1-5 Semester Hours - 1⁄4 time 9-11 Semester Hours -  3⁄4 time

    6-8 Semester Hours - 1⁄2 time 12 or more Semester Hours - Full-time

    The monthly rates of payment to veterans are provided for by Public Law 94-502.

    Student Classifications 

    If you have completed college-level, non-developmental semester hours, you are classified as follows:

    • Freshman: First-year student, or less than 30 semester credit hours.
    • Sophomore: Second-year student who has completed the equivalent of one year of full-time undergraduate work; that is, at least 30 semester credit hours and not more than 72 semester credit hours.
    • Unclassified: More than 72 semester hours; no associate degree.
    • Associate Degree: Previously earned associate degree.
    • Baccalaureate or Above: Previously earned a baccalaureate or above degree.