• Getting Started  

    Prior to Enrollment 

    Prior to enrollment, if you are planning to attend with the aid of veteran benefits, you should inquire with the Veteran Services Office concerning the necessary information that will be required relative to the certification of your enrollment. You will be required to furnish the Veteran Services Office with an original or certified copy of your DD214 (Member 1 copy is not acceptable). You may also be asked to furnish certified copies of other documents such as marriage certificates, divorce certificates and dependents' birth certificates, tax transcripts, etc. if applicable.

    Upon Enrollment 

    Prior to certification of your initial semester, all students using Veterans Benefits must provide an approved, signed degree plan to the Veteran Services Office. Degree plans are available through the Student Enrollment Center for Nursing and Liberal Arts Degrees or through departmental advisors for all other degrees and certificate programs. Be sure to have copies of all previous college transcripts for initial advising sessions.

    You do not have the option of having prior credit reviewed. All previous education and training must be provided to Del Mar College for review. This includes all transcripts from postsecondary institutions and military transcripts.

    Getting your Military Experience Transcribed into College Credit 

     Evaluation of Military Experience for Credit
    You may earn credit by evaluation of your credentials when such learning can be documented as substantially equivalent to a Del Mar course. Credit for military experience will be accepted and applied when you follow the procedures below:

    Policies and Procedures for Having your Military Experience/Education Evaluated for Credit 

    1. Request your College Credit for Heroes Transcript by completing the following steps:
      1. Create a College Credit for Heroes (CCH) account or register as a guest user at:
      2. /assets/0/131/133/763/575e60f4-5a45-4ebc-b89b-29f544194570.jpg https://www.collegecreditforheroes.org/ 

      3. Login with your username and password
      4. Official Evaluation - Request an official evaluation/transcript by filling out the online official military evaluation request form. Use the instructions provided to have official copies of your transcripts from the military as well as any additional official documentation required sent to CCH. This is a required step to request a College Credit for Heroes transcript be sent to Del Mar College [Please note: If your CLEP, DANTES (DSST) and Excelsior exam results are listed on your military transcript, you do not need to request another copy of the transcript from those organizations directly.
      5. Upload your DD214 if you are a prior service member.
    2. Complete the Transcript Evaluation Request Form (TERF)  and submit it to the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible. Please note:
      1. Only if you are currently enrolled or are a former Del Mar College student are you eligible to apply for credit. Evaluation will be done free of charge.
      2. 25% of all coursework required for completion of your degree must be earned by completing courses at Del Mar College.
      3. Departmental Exams for Credit – Each Academic Department Chair sets the requirements to be met in order to take a departmental examination for credit. You may be eligible to apply for this exam if you earned predominantly “A” grades in the subject in high school, scored exceptionally high on a nationally recognized test, or if you can demonstrate to the department chair that you have significant and relevant experience in the subject area. Departmental exams are not given for developmental coursework. Contact your Department Chair for more information.
      4. Credit earned by evaluation of credentials will be determined by the pass/fail method. No grade other than “CR,” the number of credit hours, course number and title are recorded on your transcript.  
    3. If you do not request and receive a College Credit for Heroes transcript, you should complete the following steps
      1. Obtain a petition to record credit in the Registrar’s Office or the appropriate academic department.
      2. Have the petition signed by the department chairperson.
      3. Pay the required fee at the Business Office.
      4. Complete the examination or present documentation for evaluation, such as your Military transcript. If credit is granted, the results will be forwarded by the department chairperson, to the dean and to the Registrar’s Office. You can get more detailed information about testing procedures from the Testing Office at the Multiservice Center or both the East and West Campus Student Enrollment Centers.
    Close of First Semester 

    At the close of the first semester or upon the successful completion of 12 semester hours, you should have military credit and any transfer credits from prior education evaluated and furnish the Veteran Services Office with a copy of the updated degree plan.

    Each Semester 

    Each semester, you must advise Veterans Services of courses in which you are enrolled. Courses at Del Mar College are approved for veterans’ training. It is your responsibility to inform Veterans Services of any changes in enrollment status. 

    Veterans Semester Hour Classification 

    The Veterans Administration uses the semester hour classification scale below to determine your payment. The number of semester hours enrolled at this college is reported to the Veterans Administration. This classification scale is used only for the fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions are calculated differently. To ensure classification, contact Veterans Services Office.

    Spring and Fall Semester Hours Classification  (16 week semester)

    1-5 Semester Hours - 1⁄4 time 9-11 Semester Hours -  3⁄4 time

    6-8 Semester Hours - 1⁄2 time 12 or more Semester Hours - Full-time

    The monthly rates of payment to veterans are provided for by Public Law 94-502.