• Graduation

    Applying for Graduation
    • General Graduation Requirements 
    • Meet with an advisor the semester before you plan to graduate to make sure you have met all graduation requirements.
    • Complete an Application for Graduation in the Registrar’s Office on or before the graduation application deadline.
    • Meet all of the degree and/or certificate requirements as specified under your designated catalog.
    • Your student records must be clear of “holds.”
    • Return all properties of the College, including library books.
    • Pay, or make satisfactory arrangements, to pay all financial obligations to the College.
    • If you do not initially meet the graduation requirements, you must reapply for any subsequent graduations.

    Catalog Designation 

    The Catalog that is in effect upon your entry/reentry into Del Mar College determines the degree or certificate requirements that you must meet. It is your responsibility to know and satisfy all of the requirements in your designated catalog. Catalog designations are made according to the following guidelines:

    If you are entering Del Mar College for the first time, you are assigned to the Catalog that is in effect at the semester of entry. If your attendance at Del Mar College exceeds five years, you forfeit the initial Catalog designation. You must then meet the degree or certificate requirements specified in the Catalog in effect in the sixth or subsequent year of enrollment.  If you are absent for two or more regular (fall or spring) semesters, you must meet the degree or certificate requirements of the Catalog in effect at the time of re-entry. 

    Veterans Honors Cord  

    Every veteran student who graduates will be issued a Red, White and Blue Honor cord to wear with their graduation regalia.  Your honor cord will be distributed to you at the Veteran Graduate Congratulatory Reception.

    Veteran Graduate Congratulatory Reception  

    A congratulatory reception will be held for all Veteran graduates and their family members each Commencement cycle.  Look for a written invitation from the Veteran Services Office. Additionally, all veteran graduates will receive a gift from the Veteran Services Office.

    Veteran Graduate Top Student Award  

    Each Commencement cycle the Director of the College Veterans Center will award a Special Plaque to the top Veteran graduate.