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    2015 CCAD Electroplating Practicum Program

    Thank you for your interest in applying for the Electroplating Practicum Program through Del Mar College. This challenging and rewarding program is designed to prepare you with fundamental skills to prepare you to work in the field of Electroplating. This competitive program is designed to provide you with paid on the job training while earning continuing education units (CEU’s) for each course completed. In addition, participants who complete the program may be eligible for full-time employment with the Corpus Christi Army Depot!

    To Apply: 

    You must be a current student in an institution of higher learning to apply!  

    Current Students: If you are currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning, simply apply online at:  www.usajobs.gov. 

    There has been a delay in the usajobs.gov Electroplating Career Pathways job posting. We expect the job posting to be available with the last two weeks of April, 2015. We highly recommend that an account profile be created at usajobs.gov ahead of the job posting to enhance your application experience.

    Please continue to visit this website page to capture the latest information on the usajobs.gov job posting.  We appreciate your patience and continued interest. 

    Not a Current Student?  

    If you are not a current student, you may enroll in one of our many Continuing Education courses to become a current Del Mar College student.  To see a full course listing, please click on the following link:  www.delmar.edu/ce 

    For questions or more information, please email us at ce@delmar.edu.  


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