• Del Mar College Awards: Distinguished Staff Award

    The Distinguished Staff Award is granted to current Del Mar College staff in recognition of exceptional accomplishments, leadership and service to the College community. Staff from across the College will be considered and need not be alumni to be eligible. The candidate should have five years of continuous service with the College and have significantly improved or enhanced the quality of work life in ways that make a substantial difference for their colleagues. One award will be given annually.


    • How has the candidate enhanced the quality of work-life in ways that make a significant difference for colleagues or customers?
    • How has the candidate provided outstanding and ongoing excellence in services to faculty, staff, students and/or other customers?
    • How has the candidate developed creative solutions to problems that resulted in significantly more effective and efficient department or university operations?

    Speak from your own experiences and those of friends, former students, etc. Please provide at least two letters of support as part of your nomination. Letters should come from faculty, students, or staff who work closely with the candidate.

    Supporting Documentation Letters:

    Because letters of nomination and support are integral parts of a successful candidate dossier, make sure you understand the criteria for the award when you write your letters. Make sure that if you are not gathering and submitting support letters yourself, supporters send their letters for 2016 candidates by the deadline of Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Please note that the quality of the information given is more important than the relative prominence of the writer. Possible contacts include professional colleagues, former students, friends, or fellow volunteers. Letters that comment knowledgeably on the impact of the individual's specific achievements are most important and helpful. Please share the criteria for the award and the suggested list of questions with those who are writing letters in support of your candidate. Nominators and supporters should answer the following general questions in addition to the ones specified for each award category:

    • What is your relationship to the candidate, and how have you gained your knowledge of his/her accomplishments?
    • How has the individual maintained a connection with the College, its faculty or students, and other alumni?

    Access the Nomination Form here.


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