• Catering Guidelines


    1.A Request for Food/Beverages form is needed before food can be delivered to event.  This must be approved through the Vice President’s Office and submitted to Campus Dining at least 72 hours prior to the event date. 

    This form can be found as follows: 

    •Miscellaneous Request Forms
    Request for Food/Beverages BUS 058  
    This must be approved through the Vice President’s Office and submitted to Campus Dining at least 72 hours prior to the event date. 
    2.Meeting rooms must be arranged with Joni Garcia at (361) 698-1277 for the East Campus, Joyce Salinas at (361) 698-2860 for the West Campus, and Janet Viera at (361) 698-1965 for the South Campus. Equipment (tables, chairs, podiums, etc.) must be arranged with Sharlet Brown at (361) 698-1243 prior to making your catering arrangements.
    3.It is required that you provide a guaranteed number of guests at least one week in advance. For any additional guests, above the guaranteed number, Campus Dining must be notified at least 48 hours in advance. You will be billed for the guaranteed number of guests and any additional guests on the day of the event.
    4.To avoid miscommunication, it is advised to have one person from your group to act as the contact person for the catered event.
    5.For all off-Campus clients, no certain request form is needed just an email to leorodriguez@delmar.edu or fax to 698-1958 with details of your catering event information. Call with any questions or arrangements needed. Payment is required within 30 days. Payments should be made payable to Del Mar College – Campus Dining.
    6.Cancellations must be made with a minimum of 72 hours notice. 
    7.Credit will not be given on any unconsumed/leftover food or beverage items from any function.
    8.Del Mar College/Del Mar Campus Dining cannot be held liable for injuries, physical damage, or medical liabilities while persons or groups are on Del Mar College property or using Del Mar College facilities.  Food cannot be taken from buffets, functions priced per person, or All-you-can-eat meals.  The state and local health authorities do not allow individuals to handle food without proper equipment. 


    Catering Suggestions



    While this guide is designed to help plan your special event, we welcome any ideas you have to make your event unique. Food and beverage arrangements should be made through Del Mar Campus Dining Service at (361) 698-1332. This should be scheduled at least one week before your event. At the time of the booking, we will need the following information:



    Date of event 
    Set up time and ending time of the event 
    Location of the event 
    Number of guests 
    Name of representative for group 
    Name of representative to charge (payment information) 
    Address and phone number for group 
    Menu request 


    Before sending the completed request form for signatures we suggest to fax a copy to Campus Dining at 698-1958 so we are aware of an upcoming catering event. We can not stress enough that catering event request forms need to be approved by authorized personnel AND sent to Campus Dining BEFORE we can distribute ANY FOOD/DRINKS/SNACKS requested!