• DMC Job Bank

    In order to access the DMC Job Bank, log in to the site as directed below:

    1. Go to https://candidate.gradleaders.com/DelMar/Candidates/Login.aspx?pid=3538 
    2. Username- use your WebDMC username (without the ad\  Example: jdoe23)  

      Password - use you WebDMC password  
      Previously registered students may have used their student id number as the log-in; please try that again before using the above referenced information. 

    3. Once you log in you must complete your Profile information in order to Job Search.
      You must fill in all fields that have a red asterisk *
      Be sure to access all of the Profile tabs. 
      Click Save. 
      Click Submit Profile.
      Click Done. 
    4. You may begin browsing job postings by clicking on Job Search.  Be sure to select DCM Student Employment as the Employer Category for on-campus jobs.
    5. There will be a position type designation of DMC Work Study or DMC Student Assistant.  This clarifies who can apply for that job.  You must know your status before you follow up on any job posting. 
      To determine your status Login to webdmc, go to My Bridge on the right control panel, click on Financial Aid, click on Financial Aid by Term and select the current semester, look for Federal Work Study Program (FWS) or Texas Work Study Program (TXWS) funds as part of your awarded financial aid.

      If you have FWS or TXWS is part of your package you are an eligible Work Study 

      If you are not receiving financial aid OR you do not have FWS or TXWS funds you may be considered an eligible Student Assistant 

    6. Once you find postings that interest you, meet your scheduling needs and/or match your skill level, proceed as instructed to apply for the job. Do Not initially attempt to apply for jobs through the Financial Aid Services Office.

    If you have any questions or concerns you may contact the Financial Aid Services Office at (361) 698-1293.

  • Did You Know?

    Serving Hispanic Students
    According to the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, Del Mar College consistently ranks among the top fifty community colleges in the nation granting Associate degrees to Hispanic students.