• Del Mar College Dual Credit Promise

    $99.99 per 3-hour course.

    Same low price, whether you live in DMC’s district or not.* 

    Del Mar College Dual Credit is specifically designed to provide a cost effective dual credit option for our Coastal Bend secondary school partners. 

    The Del Mar College Dual Credit Promise ensures that students, administrators and school districts are afforded access to the educational value Del Mar College has been offering students for the last 75 years. DMC has been an innovator in dual credit course offerings for the last 20 years and established the Collegiate High School - the first dual credit high school in the Coastal Bend - in conjunction with Corpus Christi Independent School District. 

    The Del Mar College Dual Credit Promise is a quantified commitment to the Coastal Bend community, an investment in our future and invaluable academic resource that we are proud to provide. 

    *Additional fees may apply for some courses. 

    Value-Added Benefits  

    • Cost savings…jumpstart your higher education 
    • Academically challenging classes 
    • Credit is transferable to a degree and/or certificate 
    • Free tutoring through various departments (Stone Writing Center, Math Learning Center, Student Success Center) 
    • Free online library resources 
    • Online course delivery/24 hour access

    Courses Offered  

    • BIOL 1408/1409. General Biology I/II 
    • ENGL 1301/ 1302. Composition I/II 
    • ECON 2301. Macro Economics 
    • EMSP 1501 and 2160. Emergency Medical Technician (laboratory and clinical) 
    • HIST 1301/1302. US History I/II 
    • GOVT 2305. Federal Government 
    • GOVT 2306. Texas Government 
    • MATH 1314. College Algebra 
    • MATH 1316. Plane Trigonometry 
    • MATH 1342. Elementary Statistics 
    • PSYC 2301. General Psychology 
    • SOCI 1301. Introduction to Sociology 

    Many other courses can be offered per your school district’s policies. 

    Dual Credit Fee Structure

    Effective as of Fall 2014  

    Hours  Cost 
    1 $33.33
    3 $99.99
    4 $133.32
    6 $199.98
    8 $266.64

    For additional hours and payment plan options please contact the Business Office at 698-1267 or 698-2208. 

    Books and access code fees are a separate purchase. 

    Students can earn up to a year of college credit by the time they graduate from high school, resulting in significant savings:

    Dual Credit Potential Savings 

    Traditional two-year college       $3,264
    Public state university $8,893
    Public out-of-state university $22,203
    Private university $30,094
    For profit (proprietary) $15,130

    Source: The College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2013-2014  

    Admission Criteria 

    The following criteria must be met to qualify: 

    1. Must be a high school student prior to enrolling. 
    2. Meet Texas Success Initiative requirements from one of the following: 
      • Texas State Initiative (TSI) – Reading (351), English (363), Writing (4), Math (350) 
      • ACT – Composite (23), Reading (19), Writing (19), Math (19)
      • SAT – Composite (1070) Verbal (500), Math (500) 
      • For other exemptions, please visit Dual Credit at www.delmar.edu/dualcredit 

    Application Process 

    1. Complete the DMC application for admissions online through the Texas Common Application web site www.applytexas.org. Click on “Create your account.”  Students can also complete a paper application which can be obtained from their counselor’s office or the DMC Student Enrollment Center. 
    2. Complete Dual Credit Registration form with your High School counselor. 
    3. Submit official high school transcript. 
    4. Complete the “Pre-Assessment Activity” and print out the Certificate of Completion. 
    5. Present printed materials to the DMC Testing Center and register for the TSI Exam OR provide proof of exemption to the Student Enrollment Center. 
    6. Submit proof of Meningitis vaccination. 
    7. Pay all dual credit fees at the DMC Cashier window by the fee payment deadline. Fees can also be paid in person or online by E-Check, Debit/Credit Card, and installment payment plan.