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    Our goal is to connect faculty with resources and information to aid in course delivery and also to support their own personal and professional growth. Whether you are looking for classroom teaching support, or information on faculty governance, we hope that you will browse these pages and find what you are seeking. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact us at the E-Learning Department.

    Faculty Testimonials

    Paul Creacy DTO Spring 2017: “EXCELLENT, I learned methods for becoming a better instructor, in person and online.”

    Patricia Jones DTO Spring 2017: “I learned a substantial amount of information about teaching online. I got new insights on what it takes to make a productive, interesting course for the students. The ideas provided were great and very engaging.”

    Renato Ramirez DTO Spring 2017: “I found the course to be useful based on the information provided and manageable based on the time needed to complete. I really enjoyed the class and I look forward to implementing several of the ideas and concepts I learned into my courses. It will take time to do that and I hope to do this when I am able to make time to get this done but I feel it is incumbent on me to revise and improve my online courses so that I can incorporate as many of the best practices I can into them. I was a great benefit to be provided with so many web links aimed at providing the best instruction online course I can. That was one of the excellent aspects of the course. I have already signed up for the next course. Thanks for the excellent help.”

    Lillian Bass DTO Fall 2016: “I learned a lot! Now I need to review the modules and revise my course before I forget everything I need to do!”

    Sylvia Herrlich LMS Fall 2016: “I have learned much from this course, and I am now able to use features of the Canvas system that I never new existed or how to access them. I am impressed, and I have also gotten a good look at what clear directions can do for online students. I will design my course accordingly.” Thank you.

    Jennifer McWha LMS Fall 2016: “I think these last few modules were very helpful- just as the entire course was. For faculty who have never used Canvas, or are new to this platform, this class and pace was adequate.

    Expectations and directions for each module were very clear and easy to follow; feedback for work submitted was returned in a timely manner.”

    Dale Anderson LMS Summer 2016: “The E-Learning training has had a very positive impact on my teaching in my web-enhanced classes and online classes. The training courses were well designed to help with my understanding of Canvas LMS and online pedagogy. The Try-It assignments forced me to interact with various tools on Canvas that I now incorporate into my teaching.

    Since, taking the training course and implementing them into my courses, I have seen significant improvement in the students performance in my online classes. I field fewer questions from students due to my course design. I have seen a huge improvement in retention of students due to the different strategies of engagement that I learned in the E-Learning training courses.

    I am a better instructor online and face-to-face because of what I learned from E-Learning training.”

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