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    Board of Regents
    Business and Finance
    Classification and Compensation Study
    Curriculum Committee
    Disability Services Office 
    Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management
    Miscellaneous Request Forms
    Performance Appraisals
    Program Reviews
    Records Management
    Student Services 
    Support Services Review
    Unit Plans 


          Substitute Report   ADM 202 
          Adjunct Absence/Reduction Report   ADM 203 
          Faculty/Exempt Absence Report (Hours not entered on WebDMC)   PER 024 


          Family Medical Leave Forms     
          Certification of Health Care Provider- Employee   WH-380-E 
          Certification of Health Care Provider- Family Member   WH-380-F  
          ERS Benefits Enrollment Form   ERS GI-1.180  
          ORP Forms     
          Election to Participate in Optional Retirement Program and/or Refund   TRS 28 
          Salary Reduction Agreement       
          Salary Reduction Agreement for Part-Time Employees   PER 022 
          Supplemental Insurance Form    ERS GI-1.207 
          TexFlex Enrollment/Change Form   ERS FB-9.20 
          TexFlex Health/Day Care Flexible Spending Accounts Claim Form         
          TexFlex Direct Deposit Authorization Form     

    Board of Regents

          Nomination for Naming Building or Facility   BOR 101 


          Adjunct Faculty Salary   FIN 106
          Part-Time Salaries   FIN 107
          Administrative Travel   FIN 108
          Instructional Travel   FIN 109 
          Software/Computers/A-V Equipment   FIN 110
          Accreditation/Memberships   FIN 111  
          Departmental Operating Expenses Page 1   FIN 112
          Departmental Operating Expenses Page 2   FIN 113
          Instructional Expenses Page 1   FIN 114
          Instructional Expenses Page 2   FIN 115
          Library Operating Expense, Page 1   FIN 116
          Library Operating Expense, Page 2   FIN 117
          Physical Facilities Operating Expense, Page 1   FIN 118
          Physical Facilities Operating Expense, Page 2   FIN 119
          Physical Facilities Operating Expense, Page 3   FIN 120
          College Relations- Publications Operating Expense   FIN 122

    Office Equipment (Excludes Computers/Software/AV)

      FIN 123
          Instructional Equipment (Excludes Computers/Software/AV)   FIN 124

    Business and Finance

          Independent Contractor Agreement   BUS 205 
          Property Donation Agreement   BUS 016 
          Direct Deposit Employee Authorization Form   ADM 153  

    Classification and Compensation Study

          Job Description Questionnaire (PDF Format)     
          Job Description Questionnaire (MS Word Format)     
          Additional pages for Employee Names     
          Additional pages for Essential Functions     

    Curriculum Committee

          Core Curriculum Application     
          Degree/Certificate Program Change  

     ADM 131  

          Course Change Form   ADM 132 
          Course Addition Form    ADM 133 
          Course Deletion Form   ADM 134 
          WECM Course Change Form   ADM 135 
          New Program Proposal   ADM 137 


          PRO DMC Information     
          PRO DMC Project Agreement Form     
          Special Project Faculty/Staff Grants Application & Guidelines   ADM 061  
          Grant Evaluation Form   ADM 063   

    Disability Services Office

          Test Accommodations for Students   SPS 001 

    Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

          Employee Accident/Injury/Illness Report   EHS 001 
          Student/Visitor Accident/Injury Report   EHS 004  
          Parking Deduction Enrollment   EHS 005 
          Infectious Disease Reporting Form   EHS 006 


          Faculty Credential Action Plan   ADM 039  
          Sabbatical Leave Application   ADM 018 
          Justification of Faculty Qualifications   ADM 049 
          Review of VCT Faculty Qualifications   ADM 015 
          "I" Grade Notification Form   ADM 006  
          Course Substitution Form   ADM 007  
          Credential Evaluation Summary   ADM 048 
          Credential Evaluation Summary - Skills Trainers (Non-faculty) - Public Safety Education Department   ADM 045 
          Credential Evaluation Summary - Skills Trainers (Non-faculty) - Technology Education Department   ADM 082  
          Credential Evaluation Summary - Skills Trainers (Non-faculty) - Allied Health Department   ADM 152  
          Credential Evaluation Summary - Skills Trainers (Non-faculty) - Industrial Education Department   ADM 083  
          Peer Observation Checklist/Note Page   ADM 157 
          Peer Interview Report for Librarians and Counselors    ADM 158 
          Faculty Qualifications Datasheet   ADM 054 
          Noncredit Credential Evaluation Summary   ADM 064 
          Faculty Application for Documenting Graduate Training or Work Experience to Fulfill Credential Standards to Teach Developmental Courses   ADM 052  
          Course Outcomes Datasheet   ADM 057  
          Request for Faculty Salary Increment   ADM 140 
          Justification of Qualifications to Support Consideration of Faculty Salary Increment Request in Lieu of Highest Earned Degree Non-related to Teaching Discipline   ADM 160 
          Faculty Promotion in Rank     
            Faculty Self-Evaluation   ADM 030 
            Faculty Evaluation by Chair    ADM 031 
            Chairperson’s Recommendation on Promotion   ADM 032 
            Dean’s Recommendation on Promotion   ADM 033 
            Provost and Vice President of Instruction's Recommendation on Promotion   ADM 034 
          Performance Appraisals     
            Faculty Annual Self-Evaluation   ADM 046 
            Faculty Annual Evaluation by Chairperson   ADM 047 


          Justification and Authorization for Externally Funded Positions   GRA 102 
          Notification of Externally Funded Grant Proposal Submission   FIN 125  
          Notification of Personnel Action of Externally Funded Positions   GRA 501 
          Grant Proposal Concept Form   GRA 502 
          Grant Proposal Submission Form   GRA 503  



    Miscellaneous Request Forms

          After Hours Building Use Request Form   BUS 002 
          College Relations Business Card Request     
          College Relations Biographical Information Form   CRO 001 
          College Relations Photo/Image/Voice Release Form     
          College Relations Promotional Items Form      
          Employee Exit Interview Form   PER 005  
          Facilities Rental Application and Contract to Serve Alcoholic Beverages (Non-Campus Organization)   ADM 149  
          Facilities Rental Application and Contract to Serve Alcoholic Beverages (Campus Organization)   ADM 150  
          Faculty/Staff Check-Out Sheet   PER 057 
          Key Request   BUS 051 
          Reimbursement Voucher Request   FIN 060 
          Request for Large Format   ADM 069 
          Request for Duplicating Services (Full-Color)   ADM 070 
          Request for Duplicating Services   ADM 071 
          Request for Food/Beverages   BUS 058  
          Request for Voice Mail Service   ADM 072 
          Texas Public Information Act - Nondisclosure Election   PER 023 
          Uniform & I.D. Badge Issue Agreement   ADM 148  


          Direct Deposit Payroll Authorization   ADM 053 
          Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate   IRS Form W-4  
          Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate   IRS Form W-5 
          Annualized Compensation        PER 124 

    Performance Appraisals

          Exempt and Instructional Chairpersons   PER 008 
          Non-exempt Employees   PER 007 


          Adjunct*/Part-Time Personnel Data Form   PER 003 
          Approval for an Alternate Work Schedule for Non-Faculty Full-time Employees in College Courses During Normal Work Hours   PER 059 
          Background Check Authorization   PER 116 
          Employee Acknowledgement Form   PER 121  
          Employee/Dependent Tuition Waiver Application (Non-Credit Courses)   ADM 142  
          Employee/Dependent Tuition Waiver Application (Credit Courses)   ADM 143  
          Employment and Change of Status Report   PER 101 
          Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)   Form I-9  
          Pre-Employment Reference Check   PER 058 
          Faculty Application for Additional Education Approval   PER 070 
          Position Evaluation, Non-Exempt   PER 009 
          Position Evaluation, Exempt   PER 035 
          Position Justification   PER 077 
          Position Re-Evaluation Questionnaire, Form II (Exempt)   PER 060 
          Position Re-Evaluation Questionnaire, Form II (NonExempt)   PER 061 
          Recommendation for Selection (Nonexempt)   PER 030 
          Recommendation for Selection (Faculty, Exempt Personnel)   PER 013 
          Reconsideration of Current Classification   PER 062  
          Record of Reassigned Time, Assigned Time, or Stipend to be Paid for Work Performed by Faculty   PER 047 
          Request for DMC Course Assignment for Non-Faculty, Asst Instructors, and Grant Funded Employees   PER 067 
          Request for Military Leave   PER 020 
          Retirement Participation Form   PER 123 
          Veteran Status Form   PER 122 
          Volunteer Waiver   PER 055 
          Volunteer/Intern Waiver   PER 056 

    Program Reviews

          Assessment of Previous Program Objectives   IPR 001 
          Program Objectives and Action Plans   IPR 002 
          Student Learning Outcomes and Action Plans   IPR 003  
          Two-Year Status Report on Program Review Recommendations   IPR 004 
          Annual Follow-Up Status for Program Not on Positive Status   IPR 005 
          Assessment of Previous Student Learning Outcomes   IPR 006 
          Status Report on Recommendations   IPR 007  
          Program Review Approval Transmittal   IPR 008  

    Records Management

          Records Management Transmittal   RMC 104 
          Records Disposition Form   ADM 055 

    Student Services

          Student Travel- Waiver of Liability   ADM 075  
          Student Acknowledgement on Use of Private Vehicle   ADM 068  
          Student Travel Leave Request    ADM 029 
          Student Travel Request (Non-Reimbursement)   ADM 100 
          Student Employee Request   ADM 101 
          Student Assistant Employment Form   ADM 102 
          Student Employee Termination Form   ADM 104 
          Federal Work Study Student Employment Form    ADM 105 
          Texas Work Study Student Employment Form   ADM 106 
          Viking Volunteer Program Waiver        ADM 159 

    Support Services Review

          Support Services Administrative Review Transmittal   ADM 095  


          Application for Rental of Vehicle for College Travel   BUS 201 
          Professional Travel and Development Leave
        Request/Application for Pre-Payment
      FIN 013 
          Statement of Travel Expenses (2016)
    Statement of Travel Expenses (2017)
      FIN 004 (2016) 
    FIN 004 (2017) 
          Mileage Reimbursement Log (2016)
    Mileage Reimbursement Log (2017)
      FIN 014 (2016) 
    FIN 014 (2017) 
          Professional and Organizational Development Proposals     
            POD Proposal- Non-Faculty   ADM 020 
            Faculty innovative Travel and Grants (iTAG) Proposal for Independent Study or Research Project   ADM 019 

    Unit Plans

          Administrative and Educational Support Services Unit Goals   ADM 035 
          Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness Unit Plans 2005-2006   ADM 036 
          Institutional Effectiveness Unit Plans 2006-2007   ADM 037