• Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Grant Proposal Instructions for Non-Faculty

    The purpose of Del Mar College’s Non-Faculty POD grants is to support projects that are designed to improve, advance and enrich student learning and/or employee enrichment. Proposals will cover registration fee only. Consultant/specialist fees for group development can be submitted. Equipment or materials purchased, with award funds, will revert to and become property of Del Mar College. All materials must be given to the Office of Executive Director, Human Resources and Administration. The Non-Faculty POD committee reviews proposals and recommends allocation of funds based on merits of the proposed project and available funds.


    All full-time Del Mar College exempt and non-exempt employees are eligible to submit proposals for individual Non-Faculty POD grants. In addition, exempt and non-exempt employees, as well as departments and/or divisions, are eligible to submit proposals for consultant or specialist costs.

    Submission Requirements

    Applications will be accepted from September 1 through July 10.  

    In accordance with College policy, only completed proposals, submitted prior to the proposed activity date, will be considered. The name of an organization needs to be spelled out on all POD forms.

    Requests may encompass workshop/conference/seminar offered through August 31. No reimbursements or funding will be made if the conference and/or seminar are held before the next scheduled monthly meeting.

    For Individual Proposals: A maximum of $700 per individual is allowed per fiscal year. The POD committee will consider a maximum of four (4) proposals from any one department/committee for a maximum allowance of $2,800. Regardless of whether an individual or part of a group, an employee’s total dollar amount is cumulative with a $700 maximum per fiscal year. The POD Committee has the discretion to approve or deny any proposal. 

    For Council Proposals: A maximum of $4,000 per Council will be allowed per fiscal year. POD will not be responsible for contract agreements or supporting documentation and submitting consultant forms/contracts to appropriate College administrative office.

    Meeting dates for 2017-2018 are as follows:
    Fall 2017 Meeting Dates: September 20/ October 18 / November 15 / December 13
    Spring 2018 Dates: Jan 24 / Feb 21 / Mar 21 / April 18 / May 16
    Summer 2018 Dates: June 20/ July 18



    Application must include a clear and complete description of how the workshop/conference/seminar will benefit the employee and the College. If all supporting documentation is not attached to the POD proposal, the committee will not contact the applicant for additional information and proposal will be rejected.  

    Proposals should be submitted no less than two months ahead of the registration deadline in order for timely processing to occur.

    The signed POD proposal and supporting documentation must be emailed to POD@delmar.edu or hand delivered to the office of Executive Director, Human Resources and Administration, on or before noon, the last working day of the month.

    Note: Expenses incurred, without receiving documented authorized approval, will become the responsibility of the applicant.


     POD Proposal form         Consultant form