• Mission Statement

    The Department of E-Learning Services coordinates the activities related to alternative course delivery methods to maximize access for the students, faculty, staff, and community of Del Mar College.

    Distance learning courses are designed to offer today's busy students more flexibility in planning a course load which can be completed regardless of time and/or location. Distance learning is about taking college-level courses and making them available to students regardless of where they are or the time of day. Students can now take courses without ever having to come to campus. This is an appealing alternative to those with full-time jobs, child care or transportation issues, or those that are frequently required to be out of town. Students whose lifestyles aren't conducive to campus-based course delivery may be ideally suited to distance learning delivery methods.

    The Department of E-Learning Services:

    • Creates an environment which facilitates the development of distance learning instruction in response to student and community need; 
    • Encourages faculty participation in distance learning initiatives and provides assistance and support in the development of courses, course materials, and the use of appropriate learning technologies; 
    • Enhances student accessibility and participation in distance learning initiatives; 
    • Promotes the availability and utilization of distance learning courses as a viable option for pursuing educational goals; 
    • Ensures that the quality and academic rigor of all distance learning classes are at least that of campus-based courses.

    We do this in a number of ways that include:

    • Assisting in the development of programs and courses for delivery via distance methods; 
    • Providing an ongoing faculty development program for course design, course delivery, and teaching effectiveness; 
    • Developing and enforcing policies, processes and standards that ensures the quality of distance learning courses and the instruction of such courses.
    • Find out more about what E-Learning can do for you by visiting our faculty and student resources web page.