• End of Term Procedures

    Create a back up of your Canvas Gradebook 

    Create a Backup of your Course Content (does not include student data) 

    Copy your course content to your next term course 

    Editing your course in a previous active term will send notifications to your past students. It’s highly advised to first copy your content to your new course ASAP and make your edits in that course. 

    *You do not have to conclude your course; the term end date automatically concludes the course for you. Your students will have read-access to the content and can no longer make any changes. 

    Once your course is in its archived state you may not want your students going through your material. There are a few steps your may want to do in order to prevent this. 

    • Edit your homepage, and remove links to other material in the course.
    • To prevent students from viewing pages from the right panel of the course homepage, edit all pages and select the option to "hide from students"
    • Hide all the course navigation tabs

    For students who need to finish an incomplete in a previous Canvas course: 

    Send the student’s information including their CWID in an email to the helpdesk (helpdesk@delmar.edu), include the course they need access to and how long you want the class to remain open for them. The course will be opened for that student only.


  • Contact Information

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    (361) 698-1312

    East Campus Library Room 515