• Student Employment Forms

    Congratulations on your new job!  

    By now your new supervisor has or will submit your hire ADM form and Statement of Confidentiality to the Financial Aid Services Office confirming where you will be working and when your first day of work will be.

    BEFORE you begin working and within 3 days of being hired you must submit the documents from Step 1 and identification items from Step 2. Please read and follow the instructions carefully to submit all of your required payroll documents to avoid delays in starting work or getting paid.  You will be processed once all documents are received.  You will be paid according to the Pay Period Schedule which will be sent to your Supervisor once you are fully processed in the system. Keep in mind, there may be processing delays which will not allow you to enter your hours during your first pay period. 

    Step 1.  The following documents and Step 2 identification items MUST be completed, printed, signed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office all at once as a complete packet BEFORE you begin working.   

    Follow these instructions to submit the following Payroll forms to the Financial Aid Services Office

    • Click and complete each form
    • Print each completed document
    • Sign each completed and printed document
    • Submit each document to the Financial Aid Services Office with the following proof you are eligible to work

    ADM145 Student Responsibilities          

    ADM 146 At-Will Employee Notification Form  

    W-4     Use the Personal Allowances Worksheet to answer question 5 

    I-9        Complete page 7 ONLY.  Print and Submit pages 7 & 8 ONLY 

    ADM045 Bank Direct Deposit 

    Step 2. In addition to the forms in Step 1, you will also need to bring a Photo ID and Social Security Card as proof that you are eligible to work in the United States. 

    PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, only actual cards or temporary receipt of issuance will be accepted.  Photocopies will be made by the Supervisor or Financial Aid Representative ONLY. 

    Photo ID (current/unexpired driver’s license, state identification card, Del Mar College ID or passport)  
    Social Security Card (required by Del Mar College Human Resources)   

    Step 3.You are required to read the following policies and successfully complete the following online trainings. You will print and submit any acknowledgements or certificates to your supervisor ONLY. DO NOT submit acknowledgements or certificates to Financial Aid Services, Human Resources or Del Mar College Payroll. 

    Follow these instructions to complete the following trainings.

    • Print the Drug and Alcohol Acknowledgement and submit to your Supervisor. 
    • Read the Student Employee Handbook for important information and reference it as needed. 
    • Once notified by Human Resources you must complete each training module.
    • You must complete the test at the end of each Preventing Training Modules with a passing grade.
    • Print the certificates and submit them to your Supervisor.
    • Keep a copy of the certificates for yourself as each certificate is valid for 2 years.
    Preventing Sexual Harassment  – You will be notified by Human Resources to complete this training.
    Preventing Employee Discrimination  – You will be notified by Human Resources to complete this training.



    Once again, congratulations on your new job.  Please note you will NOT receive compensation for any hours worked until all of the required documents from Steps 1 and 2 are completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Services Office for processing.  You will be issued an official Time Sheet, Web Time Entry Instructions, a Pay Period Schedule and a list of Do’s and Don’ts by your Supervisor once you are fully processed by the Financial Aid Services Office.

    If you have any questions, concerns or need clarification on anything regarding your Student Employment do not hesitate to contact

    Debbie Alvarado
    Del Mar College
    Financial Aid Services
    Student Employment Assistant