• Prepare to Register

    If you have been admitted to DMC, you may be ready to register for classes. To make your registration process easier, review the following information.

    Find out if you have Prerequisites/Co-Requisites 
    Pre-requisites and co-requisites (also known as concurrent pre-requisites) are two kinds of entry requirements for particular courses. You must satisfy prerequisites, or their equivalent, before registering for a course. You must enroll in a co-requisite course at the same time you register in the other course. In most cases, you can register for the other course if you have already success fully completed the co-requisite. Pre-requisites and co-requisites are identified in the course descriptions at the back section of our catalog.

    Clear your hold status before registration begins 
    A hold is an academic or financial obligation on your record that prevents you from registering for classes. All holds must be cleared before you can register. Log in to WebDMC to see if you have any holds. 

    Plan Ahead to Pay 
    It's a good idea to figure out your payment arrangements in advance of registration so that you won't be dropped from your classes for non-payment. You must pay by the payment deadline to keep your classes. No exceptions.

    Activate your DMC Email Now 
    Active your account by logging into your email here https://stumail.ad.delmar.edu/owa using the same format as your WebDMC account login credentials. Next, login into WebDMC. Your email account is now active. Be sure to check your email often. Important news will be sent to your email account only and not by the U.S. mail.

  • Contact Information

    Student Enrollment Center
    Corpus Christi, TX 78404
    (361) 698-1290
    1 (800) 652-3357

    West Campus - Coleman Center - (361) 698-1741