•  Registration 

    This page explains registration for DMC credit classes. Register early so that you can have a better chance of getting into the class you want! NEW STATE LAW: Meningitis immunization required for all new students 21 years of age or younger. 

    Express Registration August 18, 19 & 22 

    On campus Express Registration for new and current students will be taking place on both the East and West Campus on a walk-in basis.  All departments on both campuses will be open and available for advising and registration from 7:30 am-8:00 pm on Tuesday, August 18, 7:30 am-6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 19, and 10 am-2 pm on Saturday, August 22.  Additionally, the Office of Financial Aid, Cashier’s Office, Registrar’s Office Testing and Veterans Affairs will be available to assist students with registration.

    All new students are required to meet with an advisor to have their advising hold removed which will restrict registration.  Students are highly encouraged to meet with their advisor to ensure applicability of courses to a student’s degree plan.  A list of advisors is at www.delmar.edu/advisors.  

    Payment Deadline Information

    1. The initial fall 2015 payment deadline will require students to make payment by Wednesday, August 12, at 6:30 pm. 
    2. Students registering on August 18 and August 19 will be required to make payment on Wednesday, August 19, by 6:30 pm.   
    3. Students registering on August 22 or after will be required to make payment by Tuesday, August 25, at 6:30 pm. 

    Financial Aid 

    Financial Aid applicants are strongly encouraged to login to their WebDMC portal and student emails regularly for updates from financial aid regarding their financial aid status and eligibility. Students MUST have an accepted award from Del Mar College by the appropriate due date in order for the award to cover their tuition charges.  

    Schedule Changes

    Current students seeking entry into classes or schedule changes after Tuesday, August 25, will need to seek departmental chair approval, complete schedule change form and make payment at time of service.

    Please contact the Student Enrollment Center at 361-698-1290 for additional questions and or assistance.  

    How to Register  

    1. Be admitted to DMC. If you have not been admitted to DMC please see Steps to Take Credit Classes.
    2. Prepare for Registration in advance so that you can register without difficulty.
    3. Log in to WebDMC and register once the registration period has started or register in person.
    4. Pay your bill by the payment deadline to keep your seat.
    5. Review information on the After You Register page.
    Online Registration through WebDMC 

    Online Registration is available to students who meet ALL admission requirements. 

    Students with 24+ hours are not required to be advised before registering. All other students must be cleared through advising before they will be able to register via the Web.

    Web registration may also be accessed from the Online Student Computer Assisted Resources (OSCAR) stations on the first and second floors of the Harvin Student Center on the East Campus and in the Barth Learning Resources Center on the West Campus.

    Click here to go to WebDMC. Tutorials are available that will take you through the steps.
    Register in Person: On-Campus and In-Office 
    In-Office: Register on the campus that houses your major, this will be where your advisor is located. Call first to make an appointment to see your advisor. Click here for a list of advisors and phone numbers by program.

    On-Campus: You can register on either campus, but if you need access to your advisor or department, best to register on the campus where your major is housed. 

    East Campus (101 Baldwin Blvd. and Ayers) - Harvin Student Center (you'll be directed from that point on)

    West Campus (Old Brownsville and Airport Road) - Coleman Center, Admissions and Registrar's Office