• Staff Contact Information

    Lenora Keas
    Vice President of Workforce Development
    and Strategic Initiatives
    Email: lkeas@delmar.edu
    Tel: 361-698-1207

    Carolyn Sorrels
    Administrative Assistant to VP
    Email: csorrels@delmar.edu 
    Tel: 361-698-1207

    Director of Assessment
    Tel: 361-698-1137

    Sushil Pallemoni
    Director of Institutional Research
    Email: spallemoni@delmar.edu 
    Tel: 361-698-1207

    Jane Haas
    Research Associate
    Email: jhaas@delmar.edu
    Tel: 361-698-1552

    Shane Stewart
    Research Associate
    Email: sstewart11@delmar.edu 
    Tel: 361-698-1553

    Anusha Makka
    Research Associate
    Tel: 361-698-1551