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    Did you know that active duty and part-time/traditional drilling U.S. service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard are eligible to receive one-to-one tutoring 24/7 at no cost through www.Tutor.com/military?

    The program, funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CMGA), currently provides active duty, National Guard and Reserve service members with expert, on-demand academic support 24/7 through www.Tutor.com/military. 

    Eligible service members worldwide can access the online service from any internet-enabled device for real-time help in more than 40 college subjects plus standardized test prep. Students and tutors work one-to-one in a secure online classroom; no webcams or telephones are used. In addition to getting tutoring and homework help on-demand, students can also choose to schedule future online tutoring sessions and submit papers for offline tutor review.

    Grades K-12 children of service members are also eligible for tutoring and homework help at no cost. Visit www.Tutor.com/military/eligiblity for complete program eligibility details.

    Tutor.com has received funding from the DoD to provide online tutoring services to U.S. military families since 2009. Those who fund the program determine eligibility for its use. Program availability and funding is not guaranteed, and eligibility may change.

    Email questions about the tutoring program to militarysupport@tutor.com 

    Free online tutoring resource - www.tutor.com/military