The Virtual College of Texas, or VCT, is a consortium of community and technical colleges across the state of Texas that includes all 50 community college districts and the Texas State Technical College system. The VCT provides access to college courses that are normally offered locally but are unavailable during the semester needed. All VCT courses are Web-based, opening up higher education opportunities to everyone, regardless of geographic, distance, or time constraints.

    The Virtual College of Texas began in 1997 as an initiative of the Texas Association of Community Colleges. Colleges participating in VCT share distance learning courses using the VCT Memorandum of Understanding, which is based on a Host-Provider Model.

    How it works
    Students may find that a course necessary for completion of their degree may not be available during the academic term needed. When this occurs, the student contacts the local VCT representative who will determine if the course is eligible to be taken through the VCT. This is done by verifying that (1) the course is in the Del Mar College course catalog but is not available locally during the semester needed and (2) an approved course is available from another VCT institution. If a suitable course is available, the VCT representative may enroll the student in the course at the provider institution which will then contact the student with specific course information. The student then completes the course online from the provider institution while taking advantage of locally-based student support services such as the library, testing center, counseling, and tutoring facilities. Upon successful completion, the VCT course will appear on the student transcript as if taken locally.
    This host-provider model leverages distance learning resources (faculty, courses, support services, professional development, technology) to the benefit of all students throughout Texas regardless of where they live by:

    • Allowing access to a statewide online distance learning course schedule comprised of all member colleges, making it more likely that critical courses will be available when needed;
    • Having locally-delivered student support services;
    • Paying in-district tuition if residing within the district, regardless of which colleges provide the courses;
    • Having courses remain on a single transcript regardless of where taken.

    The Virtual College of Texas is a service of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC). Governance authority over VCT rests with TACC, operating through a Telecommunications Committee composed of college presidents and a Distance Learning Advisory Committee that consists of administrators of instruction and instructional technology.
    Getting started with VCT at Del Mar College:

    • First, check the VCT online course schedule at https://www.vct.org to see what courses are available.
    • The next step is to contact Mike Jones, Del Mar College VCT coordinator, at 361-698-1315 or emailing mjones@delmar.edu. Our local VCT representative will determine if a suitable course is available and begin the formal registration process.

    From here the process is the same as if enrolling for a locally provided course. The VCT Coordinator will guide you through the registration process and provide information for getting started with your course. Again, the provider college will provide the actual course instruction and materials, while Del Mar College (host) will provide the student services.

    The VCT is not a separate educational entity that offers courses and enrolls students. Only VCT member colleges can do that. The "Virtual College of Texas" is the name given to the collaboration that takes place among Texas two-year colleges for the purpose of sharing distance learning courses with each other. By the terms of the formal VCT collaborative agreement signed by Texas two-year colleges, students may enroll at their local colleges to access courses provided by other colleges that participate in VCT. However, each college participates in VCT as it chooses.

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