• Veterans Services FAQs

    1. Can I use financial aid and benefits at the same time? 
      Yes.  It is always a good idea to submit a FAFSA online and have Financial Aid determine your eligibility.  You never know, you may be eligible for loans, grants or work-study funds.
    2. If I am not using financial aid why do I have to file an appeal through them? 
      If you are using Hazlewood Act Exemption and you fail to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, you would need to file a SAP appeal through Financial Aid because they are the department that processes those appeals at Del Mar College.
    3. Why are my hours for Hazelwood being deducted if I only went to class once? 
      Because state law states that “Attempted Hours” will be charged against your Hazlewood Hours, even though you may have attended class only once, you still used the Hazlewood Exemption to cover the costs associated with the class and the hours were “Attempted” by your attendance at the class.
    4. Do I get a book stipend for summer classes? 
      The Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Book stipend is a total of $1000.00 per year and is pro-rated based on your rate of pursuit, so if you have not exhausted the book stipend, you will receive payment for every semester until your allowance has been exhausted for the benefit year.
    5. How/When/Where will I get reimbursed? 
      If your Del Mar Financial account reflects a credit balance, you will receive a refund from the cashiers office.  If you have a Higher One Card, it will be refunded to your card.  If not, you will receive a check.
    6. Am I able to follow two degree plans at one time? 
      1. If you are using VA Education Benefits, you may only be certified for classes following one degree plan at a time.  If you wish to change your program, you must go online to Ebenefits and utilize the VONAPP to submit a VA 22-1995 to request change of program.  Any time you change your program, you must provide proof that you did this along with a new signed degree plan to the veterans services office for inclusion into your file.
      2. If you are using Hazlewood Legacy, you may only follow one degree plan at a time and may only be exempted from the number of hours required for your program of study.
      3. If you are using Vocational Rehab (CH31), you may be certified for any classes authorized by your Vocrehab counselor.
    7. If I am the veteran can my grandchildren use my benefits? 
      If you are eligible for the Hazlewood Exemption and your grandchild is being claimed as a dependent on your income taxes as long as all other Hazlewood eligibility requirements are met, you may transfer your unused Hazlewood hours to your grandchild under the Hazlewood Legacy program
    8. Can I apply for my benefits while I am still active duty? (Or request my certificate of eligibility) 
      Yes.  You may apply to the VA using the VONAPP system any time you choose.
    9. Are my benefits considered as income? 
      No.  VA education benefits are not taxable income, nor used as a resource for determination of financial aid.
    10. Can I turn in paperwork for another student, my mom, or child? 
      Only if the other student has completed a FERPA release and submitted it to the registrar’s office for inclusion in your official academic file and that can be verified by the Veterans Services Office.
    11. When do I get paid my allowance (All VA benefits)? 
      Benefit payments are usually received at the beginning of the month.
    12. How about my book allowance/book voucher (All VA benefits and Hazelwood)? 
      1. Post 9/11 GI Bill is the only benefit that pays a book allowance/stipend.  When your monetary allowance is received depends on when you had your enrollment certified, but it is usually payed about two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester.
      2. Vocational Rehab provides all books and some supplies.  You may pick up your book voucher when you have your benefits processed, but you may only use it within two weeks of the semester beginning date.
      3. All other benefits require the student to acquire books and supplies at their own expense. 
    13. I am using Hazelwood, How do I know if my tuition has been paid so that I do not get dropped? 
      If you are using Hazlewood, you should be sure to come to the Veterans Services Office as soon as you reqister, but no later than the payment deadline to have your benefits processed.  You will be required to pay the Student Services fee for each semester enrolled.  Once your paperwork has been accepted by the Veterans Services Office, you are considered paid in full unless otherwise notified.
    14. I received a letter from the VA saying your office submitted my classes, but they did not pay the school, why? 
      Because changes can be made to student’s schedules up until the census date (12th class day in regular semesters), the Veterans Services certifies your enrollment under the Post 9/11 GI Bill immediately in order to get your book stipend and housing allowance started, but we do not bill your tuition and fees until after census date and no further billing changes can be made in an effort to prevent payment discrepancies and accounting concerns.  You will receive an award letter from the VA that tells you we report $0.00 for tuition and fees.  Rest assured that we will bill the VA and that this will not affect your enrollment status.
    15. How do I figure out if my semester hours are in the full time range for the (VA/Hazelwood/School/Financial Aid/Scholarships)? 
      Semester Length  Fulltime  ¾ time  Halftime 
      16 weeks 12 hrs 9 hrs 6 hrs
      15 12 9 6
      12 8 6 5
      10 7 5 4
      9 6 5 4
      8 6 4 3
      6 4 3 2
      5 4 3 2
    1. Dependents: Can I use my husband’s Hazelwood? 
      Spouses may only use Hazlewood is the veteran is 100% disabled or deceased as a result of a service connected disability or medical condition
    2. What does suspension mean? What can I do to use my benefits, again?
      1. VA suspension means that you may not utilize your VA education benefits because your semester GPA has fallen below 2.0 for 2 consecutive semesters.  In order to regain eligibility, you must attend a semester at your own expense and earn a 2.0 GPA or higher at the rate of at least half time enrollment.
      2. Hazlewood suspension means that you have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and you must file a SAP appeal with the Financial Aid Office and be approved in order to regain eligibility to use the Hazlewood exemption, or you must continue to attend classes without using Hazlewood and be determined within SAP in order to regain eligibility.
    3. After I relinquish my benefits to my child, are they still my benefits? 
      No.  Benefits transferred to someone else become the benefits of the person to whom they were transferred.
    4. Why do I have to have a degree plan? 
      1. For VA education benefits - The VA requires that only classes required by the degree plan be submitted for benefits, therefore a signed degree plan is required so that the school certifying official may ensure that you are on track to successfully complete your program of study.
      2. For Hazlewood Legacy recipients – State law requires that only the number of hours required for your program of study may be exempted, therefore a signed degree plan is required so that the school certifying officials may ensure that they are following the law in the administration of your Hazlewood Legacy benefit.
      3. All others – The Veterans Services Office asks for your degree plan so that we may help to ensure that you are working successfully toard your academic goals and that all of your requirements will be met when you apply for graduation. 
    5. How many credit hours do I need to take in order to receive cost of living? And what are the rates? 
      For the Post 9/11 GI Bill your rate of pursuit must be more than half-time and at least 1 hour must be in the classroom in order for you to receive your housing stipend.  Students attending only online courses will only receive 50% of the national average of the housing stipend.  Amounts are equivalent to E5 with dependent BAH at the local zip code.
    6. Who do I have to speak to about receiving vocational rehab benefits? 
      The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are located at 4646 Corona St in Corpus Christi.
    7. What kind of discharge do I need on my DD 214 to receive education benefits? 
      1. Hazlewood – General Under Honorable Conditions or Honorable
      2. VA education benefits – Determined by the VA
      3. Vocational Rehabilitation 0 determined by the VA