• Welcome to WebDMC

    WebDMC is a secure student portal where you can access your student, academic and financial aid records at Del Mar College.


    By logging into WebDMC, you can gain online access to: 

    • Maintain your contact information
    • Register for classes
    • Accept your financial aid awards
    • Fill out your E-Forms Financial Aid
    • View your unofficial transcripts, grades and class schedules
    • Pay your tuition
    • Sign up for a payment plan
    And more!

    To log-in, please use the following format:  (Don’t forget to include “ad\” before your username):

    Example: ad\USERNAME

    Students: Your Password is your date of birth. (mmddyy)

    Steps to unlock/activate your new student email account:

    1. Log-in to your student email using the same format as your WebDMC account login credentials.

    2. Log-in to WebDMC. Your email account is now active.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you experience a problem in one browser, please try a different one due to compatibility issues. Thank You.

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    Problems logging in?
    Call the I.T. Help Desk at (361) 698-2330.

    The NEW Student Registration System is available 24/7.