• Welcome to the New WebDMC!

    WebDMC has a new look and feel but will still function much the same way as the previous version. All of the links that were on the previous page are reflected on this page.

    WebDMC will have a new feature under the “mybridge” section that will direct users to WebAdvisor.

    WebAdvisor is a secure portal where you can access your student academic and financial aid records, employee time entry and financial records, and faculty roster, grading, etc. at Del Mar College depending on your access.

    Once you login to WebAdvisor (no AD\ is needed), there are different boxes that reflect the area where you are trying to do something. For example, if you are a student and want to see your  grades, you click the STUDENTS box and all the links related to student are there.

    The same goes for FACULTY and EMPLOYEES. A faculty member would go to the FACULTY box to look at a roster or post grades. However, they would go to the EMPLOYEES box to do time entry or look at their pay advice.

    Please contact the I.T. Help Desk for assistance. 


  • PLEASE NOTE: If you experience a problem in one browser, please try a different one due to compatibility issues. Thank You.

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