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Spring 2018

Registration is currently open for the Spring 2018 Safety Program! Courses may continue to be added throughout the semester, so please monitor this website for updates!

Non-Credit Safety Program

Del Mar College's Continuing Education Department provides a variety of safety related courses. Thanks to a donation from Texas Mutual Insurance, most of the courses are free to the public! Over the last 16 years, Texas Mutual has awarded $3.9 million in safety education grants to help maintain safety institutes at colleges across Texas!


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Previous Course Offerings

OSHT 1015 OSHA 30 (30 hours)

This course covers OSHA safety guidelines including electrical, chemical, and hazardous material safety. Ergonomic considerations to include repetitive motion, plant layout, and machine design. Industrial safety awareness, accident cost and prevention, and workman's compensation issues.

The OSHA 10 and 30 courses require 100% in order to receive the certification. Students who miss any of the course by being absent or late, will not receive credit.

OSHT 1000 OSHA 10 (10 hours)

This course covers OSHA safety guidelines including industrial safety awareness, accident prevention, hazardous material safety and ergonomic issues.

The OSHA 10 and 30 courses require 100% in order to receive the certification. Students who miss any of the course by being absent or late, will not receive credit.

RSTO 2000 National Food Managers Certification (7 hours)

This course is designed for anyone who serves or prepares food for the public and are required to have a certified food manager on staff. This is an environmental class with topics including methods of proper food storage, employee sanitation, pest control, sanitation regulation and standards including knowing the prevention of bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc.

OSHT 100N Working at Elevated Heights (3 hours)

Working at Heights is a leading problem each year for many small to large companies and ranks each year on one of OSHA's top lists of deaths and injury. As Corpus Christi begins to expand so will the need for companies this course will give employees the opportunity to gain the knowledge to become safer and let other workers know the importance of Working at Heights Safely. Topics include: fall protection, ladder safety, working on scaffolding and tie off points.

OSHT 1091 Industrial Hygiene (24 hours)

This course is an introductory study of Industrial Hygiene. There are three parts to this course: Part 1: History and Development; Part II: Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology; Part III: Recognition of Hazards, Industrial Toxicology, Gases, Vapors, and Solvents, Particulates, Industrial Noise, Ionizing Radiation, Nonionizing Radiation, Thermal Stress, Ergonomics, Biological Hazards.

OSHT 1000 Developing a Culture of Safety (8 hours)

This course covers basic concepts of safety and health. This course defines what an excellent safety culture is, why it is important, and explains the benefits of an excellent safety culture in any workplace.

OSHT 2009 Process Safety Management (32 hours)

This course will examine the major safety management issues that affect the workplace including safety awareness, loss control, regulatory issues, and human behavior modification. Basic Instruction on the 14 Elements of OSHA PSM.

OSHT 2011 OSHA Recordkeeping (3 hours)

This course will provide information about keeping proper records according to OSHA's standards.

HMSY 1033 Hurricane Preparedness for Industry (15 hours)

This course outlines the implementation of a corporate comprehensive emergency management program, as well as crisis management, business continuity, and training and exercises. Includes emerging issues, changes in state and federal standards, and the critical role of a prepared workforce.

OSHT 1091 Process Hazard Analysis (15 hours)

An introductory study of the physical hazards in industry and the methods of workplace design and redesign to control these hazards. Emphasis on the regulation codes and standards associated with the control of physical hazards.

OSHT 2011 Basic Ergonomics (8 hours)

Basic ergonomic field and office ergonomic assessments that will significantly reduce repetitive motion hazards leading to musculoskeletal disorders.

OSHT 100N Performing an Effective Job Safety Analysis (3 hours)

This course reviews the fundamentals of performing an effective job safety analysis with non-routine thinking.

OSHT 2015 Effective Auditing and Inspections (8 hours)

This course is designed to improve safety and communication skills for the workplace as well as to help improve industrial auditing and inspection skills

OSHT 100N Vehicle and Driving Safety (3 hours)

This course teaches driving awareness, proper technique and safety.

OSHT 1015 Hazard Recognition and Severity Rating Tools (8 hours)

This course will assist the student in recognizing and evaluating hazards in the workplace and implementing control measures including engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment.

OSHT 1000 Supervisor and Manager Safety Training (8 hours)

This course reviews the basic concepts of safety and health as well as provides supervisors and managers with information that will enable them to identify improved safety methods.

OSHT 1091 Hydrogen Sulfide Training (4 hours)

This course is required for all employees who have the potential to be exposed to H2S in excess of the Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents and Biological Exposure Indices as established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists as published in 2005.

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