Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems Technology

Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems Technology

Advanced Technical Certificate

Program Overview

The Electrical Transmission and Distribution Systems Technology program is designed to teach students about electrical power systems including basic electricity, generation, distribution, and transmission with a strong emphasis on system operations.  System operations is the aspect of the energy industry that deals with the management, delivery, safety, and reliability of the power grid.  This program will also allow qualified students to participate in an experiential learning opportunity with American Electrical Providers (AEP) of Texas. 

Work in this field may include:  

  • Control power-generating equipment
  • Read charts, meters, and gauges to monitor voltage and electricity flows
  • Check equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems
  • Adjust controls to regulate the flow of power
  • Start or stop generators, turbines, and other equipment as necessary 

Graduates of this program may become entry-level System Operators for energy providers such as, but not limited to, AEP Energy.  System Operators manage the power grid from a computer control center and ensure reliable delivery of electricity to consumers.



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