Advanced Technology and Robotics/Mechatronics

Advanced Technology and Robotics/Mechatronics

Associate in Applied Science

Program Overview

The Advanced Technology and Robotics/Mechatronics program combines several disciplines such as mechanics, robotics, programming and electronics to prepare students for advanced manufacturing concepts in automation, while designing, building, testing, installing, and troubleshooting equipment in automated systems. The program focuses on industrial maintenance, process improvement and control systems in manufacturing environments through courses such as Robotic Fundamentals, Programmable Logic Controllers, Basic Fluid Power, Industrial Automation, Human Machine Interfaces, Flexible Manufacturing Systems. And Modular Production Systems.

Work in this field may include: 

  • Read blueprints, schematics, and diagrams for assembly of parts, machines, or equipment
  • Verify dimensions of parts, using precision measuring instruments
  • Repair and calibrate hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies
  • Test the performance of electro-mechanical assemblies, using test instruments
  • Operate, test, calibrate, or maintain robotic equipment
  • Analyze and record test results, and prepare written documentation
  • Ensure connectivity to data analytic systems
  • Assess maintenance and repair through dashboard systems

Students in this program become highly skilled Electro-Mechanical Technicians prepared to work on complex industrial problems related to programming, installation, repair and development of robotic manufacturing systems.




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