Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance


You must have at least a 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average, be enrolled at least part-time (6-11 hours) and apply for Financial Aid prior to completing the emergency scholarship application.

Important: Processing of Emergency Assistance Applications takes up to five working days.

Viking Loan

The Viking LOAN Program is a short-term, no-cost loan for students experiencing delays in receiving Financial Aid benefit payment (such as Pell Grants).

Emergency Scholarship/Loan

Emergency assistance funds are available to help students who experience an unexpected and unforeseen circumstance which jeopardizes their ability to pay for their education.

Important: Financial Aid funds cannot be duplicated through emergency scholarships. If your Financial Aid funds are expected but will not arrive before the tuition deadline, and the delay would mean losing your classes, apply for a Viking Loan.

Emergency Scholarship Information

Each student may receive only one Student Emergency Scholarship during their education at Del Mar College.

Emergency Loan Information

Emergency loan funds are short-term, no-cost loans and must be repaid by the end of the semester in which they were awarded unless special arrangements have been made with the Foundation Office.

Multiple emergency loans are available as long as previous Foundation loans have been repaid.

Application Process

  1. Complete and print Emergency Assistance Application 
  2. Check off whether you are applying for an Emergency Scholarship or Emergency Loan.
  3. Submit all forms and ALL REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS described in the Procedures Checklist (Page 2 of the Application)

Important: Processing your application begins when the complete application packet has been submitted (either in person, email or fax) to the Office of Development/Foundation.

Del Mar College Foundation, Inc. 
Center for Economic Development 
Office Location: 3209 S. Staples, Room 133 (S. Staples and Kostoryz) 
Mailing Address: 101 Baldwin Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX 78404 
Phone: (361) 698-1317
Fax: (361) 698-1257

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